Playlist for 15/07/18

1 synkro & arovane aspen (apollo)
2 roots noir dub stone (independent)
3 the maytals got to feel (it) (doctor bird)
4 the maytals pressure drop (doctor bird)
5 fit of body eighty-one (2mr) (rew!nd track of the week)
6 orchestre tout puissant marcel duchamp bêtes féroces (bongo joe)
7 sunny & the sunliners I only have eyes for you (big crown)
8 parcels tieduprightnow (kitsune/because music)
9 seeing without eyes majesty (better on foot)
10 anmar 808 degdega (glitterbeat)
11 jowaa another round (akwaaba)
12 rophnan gamo dare (akwaaba)
13 dante payne & rubedo walker come back baby (deep city soul mix) (dopewax)
14 joe goddard so much (domino)
15 irie miah and the massive vibes times of trouble (gemelo)
16 yves lambert trio la poule à jean-paul (la prûche libre)
17 luluc spring (sub pop)
18 sad radio on cassini endless life (melodica)
19 htrk mentions (ghostly international)
20 baris mancho lady of the seventh sky (guerssen)
21 altin gun tatli dile guler yuze (bongo joe)
22 silverbacks dunkirk (pk miami)
23 granfalloon sleep (the dogan)
24 emilie levienaise farrouch morphee (130701)
25 manuel costela always you (santa esperanta)
26 bacao rhythm & steel band burn (big crown)
27 kool & together sittin’ on a red hot stove (big crown)
28 aura (aspiritual emanation) ayamaho (afrodesia)
29 ankathie koi hurricane (seayou)

Playlist for 08/07/18

1 tony hatch orchestra crossroads theme
2 morgan blanc pressure
3 desmond dekker mother nature (you can get it if you really want)
4 desmond dekker busted lad (you can get it if you really want)
5 koffee raggamuffin
6 alpheus nah go tek it
7 mushy the bounty
8 eels bone dry
9 resina resin
10 dauwd macadam therapy (vakula remix)
11 moon panda rabbit (rewind track of the week)
12 stray monroe seaside
label spotlight – bongo joe:
13 – the space lady be thankful
14 – walter gavitt ferguson no bother to cry
15 – al doum and the faryds weed and love
16 little element the roads
17 let’s eat grandma I will be waiting
18 mutual benefit new history
19 judy dyble marianna
20 the seekers the carnival is over (gathered from coincidence)
21 beverley picking up the sunshine (gathered from coincidence)
22 neil landstrumm ft brain rays grape
23 s4u heart
24 wen grit
25 deadboy no more
26 portico quartet double space
27 tommy holohan martello
28 vicki kiely charlie brown
29 sketti tangles the long way down
label spotlight – trax records:
30 – marshall jefferson move your body
31 – frankie knuckles your love
32 – adonis no way back
33 – mr fingers washing machine

Playlist for 01/07/18

1 kaidi tatham soon come
2 kaada useless, useless
3 sebastian reynolds mahajanaka (rewind track of the week)
4 tupido velo oblivion
5 nathan surreal a change of heart
6 johannes albert gravy train
7 kaidi tatham ft. dego it’s a world before you
8 verner area
9 izem ft. fehdah frikii
10 murray head the bells of rhymney (gathered from coincidence)
11 the other side like a rolling stone (gathered from coincidence)
12 miles davis so what (brian’s imaginary jukebox)
13 vladimir ussachevsky piece for tape recorder (brian’s imaginary jukebox)
14 hey sarah open hand
15 anna aaron why not
16 chris carter tangerines
17 farce die angst
18 thomas nation hold my world
19 jim james no secret
20 kleenex girl wonder sounds good
21 tania haroshka time is now (rayko tropical disco   remix)
22 måns glaeser angelina
23 dim sum ta doum
label spotlight – big crown records
24 – el michels affair unathi
25 – thee lakesiders si me faltaras
26 – bobby oroza should I take you home
27 charlotte de witte song of the wood nymphs
28 heldon cocaine blues
29 carl stone banteay srey

Playlist for 24/06/18

1 rose smith easy come
2 fever ray mustn’t hurry (tzusing remix)
3 kaffe crème i>3u
4 hagan yenkyi
5 scb anaesthetic
6 weiss bergerac
7 waifs & strays beats hypnotic
8 applescal harmony two
9 dj boring stuck in russia
10 afriqua noumenon
11 jonathan jeremiah good day
12 heldon perspective iii
13 flabaire riders in the sun
14 balako jungle music
15 naked cameo phony (rewind track of the week)
16 luper depree pulling strings
17 simon love not if I see you first
18 arthur’s landing love dancing
19 tracks haven you got tha
back to back: various – brian’s imaginary jukebox
20 – the lafayettes life’s too short
21 – louis and bebe barron come back to earth with me
22 se62 whole train
23 ekiti sound oba oluwa
24 lewis james praying out loud
25 amae ft felicia douglass baile (sasha fabric 1999 mix)

Playlist for 17/06/18

1 david axelrod urizen
2 darkhouse family (ft esther) another world (dj spinna galactic soul mix)
3 marcus marr rocketship (prosumer’s retransmission)
4 lorenzo bitw (ft rahhh) kanaan (pote remix)
5 delgres mr president
6 etran de l’air tamiditine
7 mike nyoni sm
8 onyx collective 2am at veselka
9 max cooper hope
10 j dilla nothing like this
11 david axelrod holy thursday
12 thee lakesiders parachute
13 carlos cervilla warm nights
14 marcus marr high times (gerd janson discotheque mix)
15 max le daron (ft joey le soldat, t’challa) naagtaba
16 the beatmen now the sun has gone
17 twinkle golden lights
18 marianne faithful come and stay with me
19 el michels affair zaharila
20 tiefschwarz hydrated
21 claptone (ft nathan nicholson) underthemoon (rewind track of the week)
22 yasmine hamdan la ba’den (shed remix)
23 lomea armature (aje rework)
24 claudia brucken and jerome froese whispers (of) immortality
25 laibach arirang
26 teme tan le ciel
27 krrum waves
28 victor van alex miami
29 binky womack piece of that pie

Playlist for 10/06/18

1 tiny fighter hollow talk
2 leon vynehall envelopes (vi)
3 voice of the sea the lovers
4 girls names karoline
5 stella sommer light winds
6 neko case hell-on
7 the saxophones mysteries revealed
8 claudia brucken and jerome froese wounded
9 letherette pianto
10 pat ca$h an ode to dr alex paterson
11 xiii sez
12 spatial abora
13 leon vynehall english oak (chapter vii)
14 matthew jonson decompression (deadbeat remix)
15 gg bloodymonday (felix after party mix)
16 charlotte de witte the healer
17 xiii the boy
18 leon vynehall movements (chapter iii)
19 sad radio on cassini sun glitters tribute
20 dubkasm rastrumentals (rewind track of the week)
21 k15 be glad you create anything
22 soulwax essential four
23 tents list
24 brame and hamo limewire
25 sleight of hand thankful
26 pan amsterdam the lotion song
27 the shacks sleeping
28 waaju neleh

Playlist for 03/06/18

1 daytoner second stomp
2 pieter nooten I felt
3 yotam avni luna
4 the black dog congitive dissonance
5 otis sandsjo multipopix
6 luna pines spring
7 social state open the wall
8 archive uk slaps
9 agents of time cosmic frequencies
10 alex virgo keep lookin’
11 claptone in the night (mk remix)
12 cursor miner owl massage acid
13 cut chemist ft. laura darlington home away from home (rewind track of the week)
14 ella jinks late bloomer
15 the magnificent tape band let the church say
16 letta mbulu kilimandjaro take us higher
17 claudio coccoluto fanfare africane
18 elliott lion ectasy (roman flugel remix)
19 uta bella enyin
20 new town kings the hawk
21 crayola lectern rescue mission
22 yasmine hamdan assi (greg bauchau remix)
23 brainwaltzera vodiga
24 the black dog seroxat smile
25 love good fail nice to meet you
26 labelle re-creer
27 osolot nights in new york
28 girls of the internet remember my name (12′ disco)
29 born 74 ft. arema arega blue bossa my feeling
30 tommasso cappellato ft. nia andrews fly (alex attias remix)
31 sampology mt glorious (long version)
32 s4u ft. jd reid refrain
33 akoeba african woman
34 nathassia is everbody searching (album mix)
35 afous d’afous dounya hi
36 yasha landing in sw9
37 lone smoke signals
38 martin bramah and jon langford worm in your ear