Playlist for 03/12/19 23.30

This is not a disco…

1 marlon hoffstadt & natureboy gold pitfield st (rawax)
2 laura agnusdei golden kites (the wormhole)
3 thomas white haven (hush hush)
4 sefi zisling ongoing morning (tru thoughts)
5 yma sumac taita inty (virgin of the sun god) (cherry red)
6 offthesky dimday (dronarivm)
7 midori some things (solo) (menace)
8 leonie pernet les parques (infine)
9 roman jungblut 78-7-8 (self)
10 oiseaux-tempëte in crooked flight on the slopes of the sky (sub rosa)
11 blue veil the sky’s f***ing blue (dichotomy)
12 reza solapitour whispers in gate (eighth tower)
13 crème de hassan song of dawmawn (inversions)
14 pulled by magnets invite them in (kit downes performance) (taktil)
15 tennyson sleepwalk (counter)
16 nicola cruz okami (peter power remix) (zzk)
17 ondness off trail marvila (souk)
18 melanie velarde another para (rvng intl/commend there)
19 datassette holiday 88 (future massive)
20 iain morrison ise ii (self)
21 old million eye dawn nation (self)
22 bit-tuner passage (ous)
23 waldo’s gift vordhosbn (waldo’s gift rework) (self)
24 nk x st.v pills (population one remix) (loma vista)
25 ezekiel honig object music 3 (anticipate)

Playlist for 03/12/19 21.30

Random Jukebox

1 j.p. shilo widow’s peak (ghost train)
2 the walker brothers where’s the girl (bella union)
3 will samson ochre alps (wichita)
4 josienne clarke if i didn’t mind (rough trade)
5 barney lister matchu (different recordings)
6 lapsley my love was like the rain (xl)
7 stanlæy the oyster (stanlæy art)
8 lapalux ft lillia limb to limb (brainfeeder)
9 klara laura (the office stereo + awal)
10 helado negro and the smile band running (live at kcrw) (rvng intl)
11 adam ahuja over the rainbow (live-looping) (ropeadope)
12 da lata dakar (da lata music)
13 becc sanderson sextet heroes (ramrock red)
14 carly paradis ft jonas bjerre the crushing weight of history (self)
15 alice bowman wish we had more time (inertia)
16 moses boyd stranger than fiction (exodus)
17 the saxophones new taboo (full time hobby)
18 djabe & steve hackett lonely cactus (esoteric antenna)
19 nk x st.vincent sugarboy (emika allegiance mix) (loma vista)
20 cubenx & boogzbrown chants à malheur (infiné éditions)
21 craven faults deipkier (leaf) *rewind track of the week*
22 lalalar yanlız ölü balıklar akıntıyı takip eder (bongo joe)
23 vincenzo ramaglia ft. laure le prunenec la parole 7 (pem)
24 annelyse gelman & jason grier rain (fonograf editions )
25 danny couture x lwkylky ctrl s (24 karrot records)
26 keeley forsyth start again (leaf)
27 nova materia speak in tongues (ali x x ximena remix) (united colors of rhythm)
28 becc sanderson sextet let’s dance (ramrock red)

Playlist for 26/11/19 23.30

This is not a disco…

1 deux filles her master’s voice (cherry red)
2 clock dva exercise in magnetic tape no 4 (cherry red)
3 yamaneko kalimotxo (local action)
4 dsr lines uitval (ekster)
5 stuart chalmers & tom white elliptic orbit (fractal meat cuts)
6 tehransmission leaving the planet (unexplained sounds group)
7 bjørn torske & tryn søvdsnes pizzica tarantata n 026 (rework) (flee)
8 lns pizzica tarantata n 014 (rework) (flee)
9 gypsy mamba suh hap (sxn)
10 cubenx hercynia (ideal europe)
11 breaka & guava jupiter (breaka)
12 cyrk cs70 (time zero)
13 lina raül refree cuidei que tinha morrido (glitterbeat)
14 sauce combo entre ii eaux (my bags)
15 amaringo saguaro (healthy tapes)
16 david birchall abundant (vernacular recordings)
17 goiz zero cap (open space)
18 rothko your broken body has found a home (trace recordings)
19 strafe f.r isabella b. (touch tone )
20 alps 2 arron’s here (selby soul)
21 larch a mirror in ultraviolence (sinc(x)
22 fink we watch the stars (horizontalism remix) (r’coup’d)
23 fink bloom innocent (horizontalism remix) (r’coup’d)
24 king pong dub system dub bombs (arachnidiscs)

Playlist for 26/11/19 21.30

Random Jukebox

1 katherine priddy letters from a travelling man (static caravan)
2 thomas white lost (hush hush)
3 ralph tv loverboy (nice guys)
4 leonie pernet butterfly (chorale version) (infine)
5 a winged victory for the sullen the haunted victorian pencil (ninja tune)
6 kučka real (lucky me)
7 pulled by magnets invite them in (taktil)
8 hinako omori bank of inner criticisms (injazero)
9 kirk barley island (tttt)
10 sefi zisling dark movements (tru thoughts)
11 the bureau of atomic tourism search end when sharing starts (rat records+werkplaats walter)
12 mercury rev i keep a close watch (b-side) (cherry red)
13 mercury rev lucy in the sky with diamonds (cherry red)
14 shape of the rain willowing trees (grapefruit records)
15 starry eyed and laughing lady came from the south (grapefruit records)
16 house of love shine on (optic nerve sevens)
17 yowl mammalian fondness (radio edit) (clue)
18 fakir fakir cheap moving (eben productions)
19 m pop muzik (new bladerunners of dub remix (echo beach)
20 ondness crimes de gente (souk)
21 dj raff resistencia (dengue dengue dengue remix) (big in japan)
22 nicola cruz obsidiana (baiuca remix) (zzk)
23 pauline taylor rain (ramrock red)
24 pauline taylor fire (ramrock red)
25 marry watterson & emily barker little hits of dopamine (one little indian)
26 bill callahan so long, marianne (drag city) *rewind track of the week*
27 eleonore / velvet sun mellow (self)
28 deathdeathdeath lobotomy (numavi)
29 pbdy ft samuel t herring tears or rain (brainfeeder)
30 bisonbison recover (zozaya)
31 crème de hassan blaukraut or no kraut (inversions)

Playlist for 19/11/19 23.30

This is not a disco… (long form edition)

1 run logan run cleansing (weizen baum)
2 gareth davis & scanner towards the door (miasmah)
3 jatinder singh durhailay & david edren tulsi (ekster)
4 john chantler tomorrow is too late (room40)
5 sam eastmond angel of self destruction (chant)
6 first tone recall (spectrum spools)
7 building castles out of matchsticks the chrysalis (arachnidiscs)
8 jessica ekomane solid of revolution (important)

Playlist for 19/11/19 21.30

Random Jukebox

1 hanging valleys the shining mountain (pedro y el lobo)
2 glen osmond dream future (a&r)
3 johanna phraze ft. timothy johns telephone (keep the feel ent)
4 ankle bracelet the pyramids (rpm)
5 the street terry and the tunisians (rpm)
6 toth juliette (northern spy)
7 quantic september blues (dan shake remix) (tru thoughts)
8 haai it’s something we can all learn from (mute)
9 orlando voorn cloud dancing ( e-beamz)
10 liotia blackout (afrikanz on marz radio edit) (ramrock red)
11 liotia blackout (afrikanz on marz melodica dub) (ramrock red)
12 dan rosenboom nebulounge (gearbox)
13 el khat ya raiyat (batov)
14 sefi zisling ft. kutiman happy solar return (tru thoughts)
15 the beach bitches walking in the jungle (staubgold)
16 twinkle michael hannah (bella union)
17 dan lyons ft. clémence quélenne biarritz (futureproof)
18 ardentjohn i wasn’t there (adulation)
19 the travelers of zion i want you to help me (tompkins sq)
20 joanne & sonny journey (tompkins sq)
21 gary corben cheese boogaloo (mad about & avolta discos)
22 mme duo isn’t it isn’t (makiphon)
23 mme duo winter one (makiphon)
24 will sergeant scene x (cherry red)
25 mittland och leo trooper (ekster)
26 piloot daga (mascarpone discos )
27 une boketto (middle of nowhere)
28 gene clark no other (2019 remaster) (4ad) *rewind track of the week*
29 dave cousins two weeks last summer (esoteric)
30 colin self dispossessed (rvng intl)

Playlist for 12/11/19 23.30

This is not a disco…

1 star searchers freshly sprayed amino tanks (pacific city sound visions)
2 pan-al jár (apollo)
3 stuart chalmers contemplation 6 (via bandcamp)
4 jeff blank sarey chelek (omega capricorni)
5 sonologyst orient out of tune (unexplained sounds group)
6 sleepertrain empty carriages (hush hush)
7 rosa bordallo see you in the afterlife no longer set apart by language (time castle)
8 maria w horn interlocked cycles ii (hallow ground)
9 jullian gomes ft. samantha thornhill darkness (world without end)
10 daniel carter, brad farberman, billy martin the time is near (ropeadope)
11 soundwalk collective with patti smith aw abadir (bella union)
12 shake stew you struggle you strive (traumton)
13 synchro rhytmic eclectic language rete (sommor)
14 carmen sandim undergrowth (ropeadope)
15 es.tereo ancestral path (cosmic bridge)
16 monopoly teach you all a lesson (2020 ldn)
17 rich ruth haynes manor (self)
18 werner niedermeier & gareth whitehead analog matter (mad professor remix) (bulletdodge)
19 ahmed saleh khitam (unexplained sounds group)
20 rapoon the village (eighth tower)
21 babel release of the flesh iv (arachnidiscs)
22 angad berar dreamstate (self)
23 a winged victory for the sullen the rhythm of a dividing pair (edit) (ninja tune)