Listen Again (or not)

Random Jukebox is currently being broadcast on Tuesday evenings between 21.00-23.00 and This is not a disco… is on Thursday between 22.00-00.00. If it sounds a little different it’s because I’m broadcasting from a shed and the station is being run remotely.

By way of a heads up please note that the Listen Again function is slightly out of alignment with Source FM’s temporary Covid-19 schedule.

You can also catch a number of mixes scattered around the overnight hours and there’s a new feature, RJ x Curates on Thursdays 21.00-22.00 featuring guest mixes and archive shows. These are currently available on the Listen Again player for a limited time.

Can I also recommend a new show on Source called Heavy Friends,  It really rather good. It airs on Fridays 18.00-20.00.

Playlist for 30/07/20


this is not a disco… (long form)

1 nuke watch jam 81 (commend+rvng intl)
2 alone in the hollow garden liber resh (unexplained sounds group)
3 filipe felizardo comehoming at war, us newts (discrepant)
4 gareth js thomas live 27-3-2020 excerpt (international ephemera)
5 veins full of static how soon will you sleep after you let the ship sink (this is it forever)
6 kamila govorçin introversion (clang)
7 soviet space research institute (ssri) a black cat’s journey to the other side (line explorations) *rewind*
8 e4444e lake dawn (spunk)
9 grotta veterano talbot bells (midira)



Playlist for 28/07/20


random jukebox

1 zoe polanski violent flowers (youngbloods)
2 kutiman awake in the rain (siyal music)
3 the twilite tone do it properly (stones throw)
4 human error club before (preference)
5 gretschen hofner judy garland life (rpm)
6 rialto underdogs (rpm)
7 barclay james harvest medicine man (esoteric)
8 haii head above the parakeets (mute)
9 essa weira phthalopix (alpha pup)
10 takuya kuroda change (first word)
11 y otis ity bity (we jazz)
13 steve arrington keep dreamin’  (stones throw)
14 the little unsaid dolly (reveal)
15 will butler surrender (merge)
16 kutiman lost in the bush  (siyal music)
17 devonwho soar (leaving)
18 tina rosalina (speedy wunderground)
19 automatic signal (joojoo remix) (stones throw)
20 le couleur désert (lisbon lux)
21 dr. pete larson and his cytotoxic nyatiti band koblo (dagoretti)
22 dana gavanski trouble (full time hobby)
23 lucrecia dalt disuelta (rvng intl)
24 genevieve artadi living like i know i’m gonna die (brainfeeder)
25 mr ben & the bens on the beach (bella union)
26 the flaming lips flowers of neptune 6 (bella union) *rewind*
27 kara sing (leaving)
28 hc mcentire final bow (merge)
29 andrew gold lonely boy (original version) (esoteric)




Playlist for 23/07/202

random jukebox bonus beats

1 carl stone ganci (unseen worlds)
2 sinner dc i confess (ai)
3 afflecks palace pink skies (spirit of spike island)
4 lucidvox runaway (glitterbeat)
5 immaterial possession see through stares (cloud recordings)
6 lightning orchestra for those who are yet to be born (acid jazz)
7 thiago nassif voz única foto sem calcinha (gearbox)
8 spencer maybe (4ad)
9 ghetto kumbé tambó (zzk)
10 sergeant buzfuz there’s idiots, then there’s idiots with money  (blang)
11 maps both sides (stephen morris remix) (mute)
13 phobophobes moustache mike radio (ra-ra-rock)
14 allegra krieger welcome (northern spy)


this is not a disco…

1 bacao rhythm & steel band my jamaican dub (big crown)
2 jake muir nilas (concentric)
3 nuke watch nw2mj13 (long ambient final) (commend+rvng intl)
4 sophie b. hjerl & jørgen teller gastro lieder #2 (leaky mansion)
5 zeitkratzer & mariam wallentin cry me a river (zeitkratzer via broken silence)
6 zeitkratzer & mariam wallentin strange fruit (zeitkratzer via broken silence)
7 asher gamedze eternality (on the corner)
8 yannis kyriakides & andy moor camera (unsounds)
9 charles hayward penultimate tango (klanggalerie)
10 ste roberts tom was in the diner (infiltrate)
11 ramxes remdesivir (self)
13 nihiloxica busoga (crammed discs)
14 zero9 (ous)
15 ktl frostless (editions mego)
16 julianna barwick healing is a miracle (ninja tune)
17 joel st. julien portal (bandcamp)
18 rebel yell incredible heat feat hayden dunham (rice is nice)
19 ai aso scene (ideologic organ)
20 peter hanson ultraviolet visions (average negative)
21 roman rofalski alpha (nonclassical)
22 tøyen fil og klafferi radiolarie (aurora)
23 7697 miles sapanchuriy (buh)
24 jane in palma quiet sky (sfr records) *rewind*
25 marina rosenfeld & ben vida vertice preview (fridman gallery)
26 cecilia forssberg, james hammond & keir vine 3 (trestle)


Playlist for 21/07/20

random jukebox

1 the golden dregs x vogues ft anna b savage just another rock (vogued) (city slang)
2 romare the river (ninja tune)
3 rebel yell ft. marcus whale pump (rice is nice)
4 howling need you (adriatique remix edit) (counter)
5 rone nouveau monde (infiné)
6 keleketia future toyi toyi (gqom version) (ahead of our time)
7 lorenzo bitw timbao (future bounce)
8 sarathy korwar ft. zia ahmed turner on the 20 (leaf)
9 meridian brothers puya del empresario (bongo joe)
10 stalawa ft blessed san traitor (epoch remix+dubmix) (foreign mind)
11 sofie try to reach me (stones throw)
13 the stance brothers resolution blue (we jazz)
14 cloudchord, supersillyus the emblem (cloudchord)
15 egopusher beyond (quiet love)
16 wheelup ndebele (tru thoughts)
17 7697 miles rikch’ariy (buh)
18 kaitlyn aurelia smith the steady heart (edit) (ghostly international)
19 d.foe the heat (ramrock red)
20 andrew wasylyk last sunbeams of childhood (aotn)
21 teeth agency piano man breeds love (stones throw)
22 dana gavanski i talk to the wind (full time hobby) *rewind*
23 jonathan wilson reach out i’ll be there (bella union)



Playlist for 16/07/20


this is not a disco…

1 luar domatrix bo teias (gen ludd disco problem remix) (discos extendes)
2 patten epoch (555-5555)
3 bruce brubaker & max cooper opening (infine)
4 yair etziony northern home (seasides on postcards)
5 bing & ruth the pressure of this water (4ad)
6 vlad dobrovski ft. yoshio machida pythonic woods (klammlang)
7 max cooper swarm (mesh)
8 broke one as silent as the moon (broke one)
9 e4444e wind nocturne (spunk)
10 sinner dc palentina (ai records)
11 urban eden project i (midira)
13 héctor oaks a.k.a. cadency do you see the light  (the third room)
14 kamila govorçin anima (clang)
15 gaudi & adrian sherwood dub’s nine lives (dubmission)
16 bartolo cibernética (chant)
17 thiago nassif feral fox (gearbox)
18 anteloper isotope 420° (intl anthem) *rewind*
19 carlos niño & miguel atwood-ferguson part ii (intl anthem)
20 reid willis breach in the border 3d (extended)(mesh)
21 fran and flora romanian fantasies (dylan henner mix) (self)
22 tg mauss, valerie renay & thilo schölpen session 2 (trestle)
23 aukai akai ki (aukai music)
24 la récré intro (bmm)




Playlist for 14/07/20


random jukebox

1 high pulp hookai (king underground)
2 mollono.bass feat. i am halo twilight (silent shout)
3 nova state definitive item (glass modern)
4 nikitch & kuna maze zbra (tru thoughts)
5 judy dyble earth is sleeping (acid jazz)
6 trader horne here comes the rain (dawn)
7 giles, giles and fripp i talk to the wind (voiceprint)
8 thiago nassif rijo jorra já (gearbox) *rewind*
9 mulatu astatke & the black jesus experience mulatu (agogo)
10 ste roberts optical illusion (infiltrate )
11 huey mnemonic hermitsio (subsonic ebonics)
13 luar domatrix bo teias (discos extendes)
14 jahjaylee mood swing (fantastic voyage)
15 tender games love oddisee (instrumental mix) (bandcamp)
16 u.s girls overtime (alex frankl) (4ad)
17 los retros sweet honey (stones throw)
18 five alarm funk chango vudu (ropeadope)
19 teeth agency gorgon organ (stones throw)
20 luka productions & kandiafa ballani diarra
21 systems 1991 breaking the waves (systems records)
22 darkstar wolf (loraine james remix (tbc)
23 sinner dc tell me where (ai)
24 sofie guest (stones throw)
25 minihi hallowed halls (unperceived records)



Celebrity Mixtape 010: Heavy Friends x Giù la testa


RJ x Curates sent us down the #Morricone rabbit hole… we took @giulatesta_webzine with us to collaborate on the selections. Here’s our tribute to the maestro.  Listen again here.

1.        eat it – from eat it (mangiala) (1969)
2.        in un bar – from revolver (1973)
3.        when man is the prey – from spogliati, protesta, uccidi (1972)
4.        dies irae psichedelico – from escalation (1968)
5.        seq. 5 – from ruba al prossimo tuo (1968)
6.        gloria – from la stagione dei sensi (1969)
7.        guerra e pace, pollo e brace – from grazie zia (1968)
8.        pioggia sul tuo viso (#3) – from come imparai ad amare le donne (1966)
9.        intermezzino pop – from le foto proibite di una signora per bene (1970)
10.     titoli – from quattro mosche di velluto grigio (1971)
11.     adonai – from il giardino delle delizie (1967)
12.     magic & ecstasy – from exorcist ii: the heretic (1977)
13.     scusi, facciamo l’amore? – from scusi, facciamo l’amore? (1968)
14.     giù la testa – from giù la testa (1971)
15.     ostinazione al limone – from cosa avete fatto a solange? (1972)
16.     sytar – from la stagione dei sensi (1969)
17.     the mission (main theme) – from the mission (1986)
18.     uccidete il vitello grasso (titoli) – from uccidete il vitello grasso e arrostitelo (1970)
19.     svolta definitiva – from città violenta (1970)
20.     allegretto per signora – from le foto proibite di una signora per bene (1970)



Playlist for 09/07/20


this is not a disco…

1 ennio morricone the showdown (camden)
2 grotta veterano roseneck (midira)
3 lapalux nebula (brainfeeder)
4 keleketla! swift gathering (ahead of our time)
5 bluetech first came the stars (behind the sky music)
6 autarkic the exploiter (life and death)
7 heloise tunstall-behrens and auclair dance off (amorphous sounds)
8 tg mauss, valerie renay & thilo schölpen session 1 (trestle)
9 brian auger oblivion express freedom jazz dance (acid jazz)
10 horace silver tranquilizer suite part 4 perseverance and endurance (acid jazz)
11 jaf trio masterpiece (we jazz)
13 antelope soledad saboteur (intl anthem)
14 grice glass séance (victorian mix) (hungersleep)
15 aisha orazbayeva oliver leith- blurry wake song (sn variations)
16 kareem die erwartung (aesthetical)
17 deadbeat & paul st. hilaire check what time it is (another moon) *rewind*
18 ian arkley reliquary (opa loka)
19 bill mango inflight sample (mango)
20 alex hentze tecolote barbudo (shika shika)
21 vula viel what’s not enough about that (peter zummo remix) (self)
22 gabriel birnbaum sun bleached bbq grill red to pink (bandcamp)
23 aeshim the marble sea (albert’s favourites)
24 igama endure (self)
25 angad berar heartbeatofatwig (bandcamp)
26 ennio morricone the musical pocket watch (camden)







Celebrity Mixtape 009: Simon Poole (Heavy Friends)

“We want to be free! We want to be free to do what we want to do! We want to be free to ride. And we want to be free to ride our machines without being hassled by The Man.” Listen Again here

sleazy rider copy

les baxter – hogin’ machine (from hell’s belles)
peter fonda – “we want to be free” (from wild angels)
the sounds of harley – victorville blues (from the hard ride)
“all you’ve got to do is have long hair” from the northville cemetery massacre
the peanut butter conspiracy – 4 o’clock tea (from angels from hell)
“the open road is where it’s at” – from it’s a revolution mother
davy jones & the dolphins – mass confusion (from the hell cats)
“jesus died so we could ride” – from it’s a revolution mother
skip to my mary j – stu philips – (from hells angels on wheels)
“i live or my bros and i live for my bike” – from it’s a revolution mother
dewey martin & medicine ball – indian child
“the philosophy sounds freaky” – from it’s a revolution mother
the sidewalk sounds – born losers’ theme (from the born losers)
davie allan & the arrows – moondawg ’65
david moscoe – the black six (from the black six)
alan hawkshaw – hells angels (kpm library)
“don’t let it snap your mind, you’ve got to groove with the bike crowd” – from it’s a revolution mother
bluewater – shannon’s hook shop (from the hard ride)
“these people were born misfits” – from northville cemetery massacre
jeff simmons – naked angels theme (from the naked angels)
“13th letter of the alphabet” – from it’s a revolution mother
circuit rider – forever angels proud
“satan, sweet prince of darkness” from stone
billy green – gravediggers (from stone)
werewolves on wheels trailer
don gere – werewolves on wheels main theme
psychomania trailer
the frog – witch hunt (psychomania)
les baxter – wheels (from hell’s belles)




Playlist for 07/07/20


random jukebox

1 už jsme doma & randy shorty’s lament (klanggalerie)
2 greg spero july play (tiny records)
3 floating di morel china rough (play loud)
4 arca time (xl)
5 autarkic solid states (life and death)
6 galaxians chemical reaction (stargaze)
7 romain fx ke ai (mr. ho remix) (fauve records)
8 baxter galore (трип)
9 archive nothing else (version) (dangervist pias)
10 young & sick monday (feat. young & sick) (grateful bat)
11 space captain secret garden (tru thoughts)
12 fu dog ft mariana del carmen bye polar bear (sty tru bts)
13 aeshim plasma party (albert’s favourites)
14 the mountain goats wooded hills along the black sea (merge)
15 a.a. williams glimmer (bella union)
16 mieko shimizu lazylight (mike lindsay remix) (street furniture)
17 gabriel birnbaum kitchen wall a cold cup of cosmos (bandcamp)
18 long island sound missing you (signs of space)
19 ncy milky band burn’in (bmm)
20 antelope bubble under (intl anthem)
21 kutiman tanzania (siyal music)
22 em george light comes in (marshmallow pavement)
23 vula viel what’s not enough about that (ibibio sound machine remix) (vv)
24 dukes of chutney ft wovette little war (bis) *rewind*
25 lapalux unfold (brainfeeder)
26 angad berar waltzin’withmisslazy (bandcamp)
27 fran and flora no sax (portico) (self)



Playlist for 02/07/20


this is not a disco…

1 daniele sciolla gioco (betulla)
2 carlos niño & miguel atwood-ferguson part vi – into eternity (international anthem)
3 jq, richard pike & jack wyllie chameleon (trestle)
4 adrian younge and ali shaheed muhammad – roy ayers shadows of the east (jazz is dead)
5 kansas smitty’s sambre et meuse (ever !k7)
6 daniel avery one more morning (phantasy sound)
7 black taffy minuetto (leaving records)
8 cocktail party effect lack of wrong format (tectonic)
9 bartolo mars mantras (chant)
10 biggabush presents lightning head abyssinia rising (tru thoughts)
11 vilnius municipal choir the beatitudes (cugate classics)
12 alan johnson ew girl (art-e-fax)
13 kcin drive thru (spirit level)
14 anima-sound duo 1 lungau (play loud)
15 alexander flood heartbeat (ropeadope)
16 jamming funktion (bingo bass)
17 fran and flora talking trees (enyang ha remix) (self)
18 a52079 everyone knows everything (redemption) (dmmt)
19 bestattungsinstitut dr robert runci (verlag system )
20 metic tape birth (soft computing)
21 jana irmert everything minus all (fabrique) *rewind*
22 david coulter, julia kent & seb rochford from isolation 6 track 1 (trestle)
23 cellini profondo (cycle four)
24 drab city entering drab city (bella union)
25 freelektron glamor (jazzaggression)
26 bérangère maximin full jungle (karlrecords )
27 kammarheit caron, occhi di bragia (eighth tower)




Celebrity Mixtape 008: Helen Gilchrist (Stranger Magazine)


Stranger Days

Helen Gilchrist, founder and editor of Stranger magazine – which covered ‘life, earth, sounds, surf and inspiration’, from Cornwall to coastal cultures worldwide, in 16 issues between 2004 and 2007 – digs through some of the music that got sent into the magazine for review in those years. Some of these albums went on to be modern classics, from Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’ to LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip. Some tracks fuelled the dancefloors at Stranger’s parties and socials – and some just enjoyed heavy rotation in the magazine office. From breakbeats to dub, electronica to singer songwriters, it’s an eclectic trip down memory lane.

Stranger still creates magazines – these days it’s for global tech companies and creative brands – and hosts imaginative events, from fireside gatherings to a micro festival on a 1930s steam train (pre-Covid of course). If you want to find out more about what they’re up to now, check out or follow @strangerfeed on Twitter or @strangercollective on Instagram

1.      ‘moving closer to the sofa’ by the limp twins, tales from beyond the groove
2.      ‘give the drummer some’ (featuring real live show and nappy g) by nickodemus, endangered species
3.      ‘got to be love’ by greyboy, sharon jones and quantic, soul mosaic
4.      ‘rocksteady’ by fdel, audiofdelity
5.      ‘you’ll find a way’ by santigold, santigold
6.      ‘boy from school’ by hotchip, the warning
7.      ‘give it up’ by lcd soundsystem, lcd soundsystem
8.      ‘get it together’ by fort knox five, the raid
9.      ‘ernie’ by fat freddy’s drop, based on a true story
10.  ‘picture show’ by dawn landes, from the thrifty, brave and clean compilation by boy scout recordings
11.  ‘secret life of the wife of the captain of the ship in a bottle on the mantel piece’ by caz mechanic, secret life of the wife of the captain of the ship in a bottle on the mantel piece
12.  ‘free salute’ by little barrie, we are little barrie
13.  ‘the catch’ by emmie the great, the mules present: pick your own
14.  ‘my middle name is joy’ by sargasso trio from the thrifty, brave and clean compilation by boy scout recordings
15.  ‘back to black’ by amy winehouse, back to black