Playlist 29/10/20

k-music mix

London’s Festival of Korean Music returns with live and digital shows – 30 October – 16 November 2020. More info here

1jambinaisun. tears. red
2near east quartetewha
3gonne choisailor’s song
4sb circlerain,grey
5leenalchitiger is coming
6ak dan gwang chilyoungjeonggeori
7hey stringpotencia
8kyung so parkrubin’s vase
9yu kung-hwa ensemble e-dobird of oblivion
10dongyang gozupagap
12black stringsureña

this is not a disco…(long form)

1david cordero tras la tormenta (dronarivm)
2carl stone saaris (unseen worlds)
3martin küchen i (thanatosis produktion)
4craven faults doubler stones (leaf)
5yellow6 v2 (sound in silence)
6panoptique electrical night dance (sound in silence)
7rafael toral cyclorama lift 4 (black truffle)
8context chameleon ft jonah levine collectivepaint & brushes (dome of doom)
9bowedda (sub rosa)
10ustad saami aman (peace) (glitterbeat) *rewind*

Playlist for 27/10/20

random jukebox (mix)

1kahil el’zabarhow can we mend a broken heart (spiritmuse)
2m ward for heavens sake (anti)
3róisín murphy kingdom of ends (skint)
4thornato ft. sotomayorla niña grande (wonderwheel)
5samba negralong life africa (analog africa)
6heemoon leedifficult love (k-music sampler)
7philipp gorbachev уезжаю uezzhayu (system 108)
8templesparaphernalia (ato) *rewind*
9kenny segalakamara [segal remix] (dome of doom)
10meiteioiran i (kitchen)
11pennywildintro  a dancer’s world (dome of doom)
12gillian margotblack is the colour (of my true love’s hair) (core port)
13gillian margotlighthouse (core port)
14rainbow bandb.m (esoteric)
15linda rothwelltell me (rpm)
16juana molinaestalacticas – anrmal (crammed discs)
17audekaleisure lands (ft. monolog rockstars) (yuku)
18machinedrumbelieve in u (ninja tune)
19lupinmay (transgressive)
20pelomonofrio verano (everlasting) 
21mike larry drawwhat are we serving (ropeadope)
22jah wobbledub musika (para siempre) (30 hertz)
23big jim sullivanwithin you without you (grapefruit)
24tōthhabit creature (northern spy)
25emmy the greata window (bella union)
26carol woods i wonder what will happen (rpm)
27galdre visionsthe sun will rise again (leaving records)
28osoo, kyson, merryn jeanswimming (avergae negative)
29harmonious theloniousta ta ta (couldn’t care more)
30l’exotighostsunny garcia (everlasting)
31this is the kitcoming to get you nowhere (rough trade)

Playlist for 22/10/20

random jukebox (bonus beats)

1charles wilp & marvin martinnanci for soft-ice (play loud)
2raf rundellmonsterpiece (heavenly recordings)
3cabaret voltairethe power (of their knowledge) (mute)
4nadia phillipson reflection (marshmallow pavement)
5badi assadroyals (ropeadope)
6xylaways (leaving)
7tom snowdonwho can it be now (pieater)
8apiferaénék hamaguro (stones throw)
9jose marquezla negra lorenza (on the corner)
10ohxaláearth spirit (earthly measures)
11multiquarium big bandbarbary coast (naive+believe)
12the miragetomorrow never knows (grapefruit)
13the spencer davis groupafter tea (bam caruso)
14the spencer davis groupdon’t want you no more (grapefruit)
15charles wilp & marvin martinclose-up (play loud)

this is not a disco…

1shida shahabiprolog  (130701)
2vocoded industriesvalid tempo (soft computing )
3james rushford música callada, book i quarter note ([m.m.] =54) (unseen worlds)
4legowelt unconditional contours memory moog (shutter music)
5jah wobblek dub 04 + (30 hertz)
6butcher brownfrontline (concord jazz)
7snooch dodd & the pro-teenspeppery weapons (college of knowledge)
8the quiet onesson beams (self)
9basile3ciel rouge (instrumental) (infiné)
10tomoko sauvageflying vessels (bohemian drips)
11seskamolepic (mille plateaux)
12ian william craig & daniel lentzpoire (frkwys)
13grey frequencybuilding x6 (zerok)
14cowboy lanskybeau soir (48v)
15andree burellimediterraneo (american dream)
16twinkle3soma 2815 (marionette)
17telepathic bandlore levels (577)
18vilde & ingai (sofa)
19javier hernandonovilunar (la olla express) *rewind*
20mount liberation unlimitedjunglejazzvaerld (colour club)
21ikotuthe yellow in the middle (svnset waves)
22krautkalité (dub) (shika shika)
23yosa peitleaf i (termina tax free)
24yosa peitelephant (termina tax free)
25sluta letasnorre (generate and test)
26marc ribot’s ceramic dogwe crashed in norway (ropeadope)
27super8musik30 meters underground (zerok)
28ulrich troyernok 9 (fennesz remix) (4bit productions)
29kloobhidden listening station (zerok)

Playlist for 20/10/20

random jukebox

1lene lovichlucky number (cherry red)
2au pairsdiet (cherry red)
3klick & augebt mir schnapps (play loud)
4swansea soundcorporate indie band (lavender sweep)
5vocoded industriesgood morning hong kong (soft computing)
6master kg  ft. nomcebo zikodejerusalema (kid fonque remix) (stay true sounds)
7a certain ratiofriends around us (mute)
8the notwistoh sweet fire (morr music)
9jesper ryomnights (délicieuse records)
10pet shimmersuhtceare (ps records)
11freestyle fellowship ft abstract rudebrighter days (the order label)
12skeletonmirrored (astral peoples)
13cherry wainemoney (that’s what i want) (righteous)
14conny and the bellhopbop sticks (righteous)
15ken nordine and his kinsmehot sake (righteous)
16maalem mahmoud ganiala ilha illa alllah (hive mind)
17krautkayapo (shika shika)
18applemr. jones (grapefruit)
19applethe otherside (grapefruit)
20augenwasser paid the rent, going out (bongo joe)
21axiomkings canyon (self)
22andree burellicum sidera (american dream) *rewind*
23tom snowdoncan’t get you out of my head (pieater)
24butcher brown1992 (concord jazz)
25mytronoil (earthly measures)
26rosawaymama used to say  (ropeadope)
27elpeche ft. mari brancoyaguareté rastro de fogo (earthly measures)
28idrissa soumaoro et l’eclipse de l’ijanissodia (mike d edit) (mr bongo)
29jose padillaelixir (leonardo ceccanti special k version) (real balearic)

Playlist for 13/10/20

random jukebox

1jah wobblemistralazul 2 (30 hertz)
2la récrél’an 2000 (bmm)
3ladymonixmovin on (frizner electric)
4a certain ratioberlin (mute)
5beverly glenn-copeland la vita (transgressive) *rewind*
6cowboy lanskyarabesque (48v)
7arurmukhaweine nicht, mein kind (karl)
8bendrix littletonchurch choir (nna tapes)
9legoweltswiss fairytales (shutter music)
10carl stoneganci (unseen worlds)
11arema aregaso wrong (so wrong) 
12badi assadzoar (ropeadope)
13betina questprivilege (akwaaba)
14ammar 808geeta duniki (glitterbeat)
15anne malinwhat brings my eyes open (self)
16the apartmentswrite your way out of town (talitres)
17lake turnervideosphere (kompakt)
18gemarush (syndicate)
19affinityi am the walrus (grapefruit)
20camelmystery tour (grapfruit)
21multiquarium big band used to be a cha cha (naive+believe)
22randolph & mortimerenjoy more (randolph & mortimer)
23il quadro di troisi raggio verde (raster)
24frankie reyesven mamacita (stones throw)
25brinsoft gaiden (leaving)
26the quiet onesfoes (self)
27michael scott dawsonquality of hope (we are busy bodies)
28ikotufolded inwards and then inwards again (svnset waves)

Playlist for 08/10/20

this is not a disco…

1mr. mitchfalcon paradise (gobstopper)
2wanderist2r2t (ambient mix) (aus) *rewind*
3church andrews & matt davieselixir (health)
4tennis paganholder (spirit level)
5summer of seventeenporous aura (karl)
6phil tomsett w aaron martinall your questions answered (self)
7henrietta smith-rolla revelation (sa recordings)
8kai althoffforerunner (thema) (sonig)
9la récréabsolument rien (bmm)
10henrietta smith-rolladarkness (sa recordings)
11lagossla charneca (discrepant)
12sussurroveia de uma manhã fluvial (1980 )
13twinkle3opik 2099 (marionette)
14khalabsorry (on the corner)
15tuomo väänänenmarket (ljudverket)
16buliinner turmoil (alpha pup)
17godtetwomens choir (la sape)
18godtetmouth harp (la sape)
19arurmukhaschwarzer montag (karl)
20lukas lauermannherent / full (col legno)
21baba zulakelebekler kuslar (butterflies and birds) (night dreamer)
22petwo evanswheels (on the corner)
23alvin curran (perf by gabriella smart)inner cities 3 – for toy piano light flowersdark flowers ii (1999) (room40)
24paul frickchurch 5 loop 2 (lance gamble’s schleifstein dub) (col lengo)
25intriguantla croisade (syndicate)
26minihiphemie’s walk (unperceived records)
27yellow6silent flight (sound in silence)
28craven faultsdoubler stones (leaf)
29sussecho lake (northern spy)

Playlist for 06/10/20

random jukebox (mix)

1vincenzo ramagliala parole 6 (shigeto remix) (pem)
2aquiles navarro and tcheser holmesa night in ny (intl anthem)
3tamil rogeonhouse no wheels (full album version) (soul bank music)
4clifton andersonbeen down this road before (ropeadope)
5mark jenkynsready (of unsound mind)
6wanderist2r2t fog (aus)
7ben & dylancrush (waterworld)
8dele sosimi x medlargúdú gúdú kan (daz i kue remix) (wah wah 45s)
9tennis paganholder (spirit level)
10lupinmay (transgressive)
11bebel gilbertoessence (pias)
12baba zulakelebekler kuslar (butterflies and birds) (night dreamer)
13keeley forsythphotograph (leaf) *rewind*
14cosmic vibrations ft. dwight triblehow long (dwight trible & breeze smith)
15mauv television  (all my thoughts )
16johanna burnheart silence is golden (ropeadope)
17star feminine band  peba (born bad)
18mr. mitch & milo mbtracey beaker (gobstopper)
19cabaret voltairevasto  (mute)
20daniel blumbergteethgritter (mute)
21hello forevereverything is so hard (rough trade)
22pretty grittyif i were a carpenter (self)
23adrianne lenkerdragon eyes (4ad)
24tom hickoxno human is an island (self)
25betina questin and out (akwaaba)
26high pulpezell’s (king underground)

Playlist for 01/10/20

this is not a disco… (mix)

1black to commohne pferde (cellule)
2black to comma c of m (cellule)
3darkstarforest (warp records)
4charles wilp & marvin martinred indian sirene (play loud)
5charles wilp & marvin martinsize 178-79-55-91 (play loud)
6grand riverside lengths (editions mego)
7christopher parker & kelley hurtjubilate (oxford american + mahakala)
8j wiltshirebarefoot pilgrim (musar recordings)
9cosmic vibrations ft. dwight triblewater flow (dwight trible breeze smith)
10joshua van tasselconjuror er (backward music) *rewind*
11brendon randall-myersvanishing bodies (lines and loops) (new focus)
12marta de pascalisarena void (morphine records)
13bright dog redbrothers, strangers (ropeadope)
14bright dog redboxes (ropeadope)
15morwell unlimited & prince far i & the arabsdeadly command (doctor bird)
16the wee cherubstheme (optic nerve)
17boxia call me romantic (love will save the day vocal mix) (balkan digital)
18brian shankar adler game (chant)
19brian shankar adler rahdarkahc (chant)
20akira kosemuratrue mothers (schole)
21akira kosemuraasato’s memory (schole)
22joshua van tassel eternal turtle (backward music)
23idft aza (unexplained sounds group)
24varkâna space lord (unexplained sounds group)
25bowbryanbaum (sub rosa)
26phil tomsett ft aaron martithe sound of someone leaving (self)
27phil tomsettabsence is powerful (self)

Playlist for 29/09/20

random jukebox (mix)

1sakkarin sugar sugar (grapefruit)
2the bukkey leo quintetrejoice in righteousness (acid jazz)
3asha puthliright down here (mr bongo, cbs)
4bebel gilbertotão bom ([pias])
5emily barkerreturn me (everyone sang, thirty tigers)
6apiferalake vu (stones throw records)
7anna of the northlovers (home made) (pias)
8kellindo summertime (original/ej gunk’s gunk has begun remix) (quickfix) *rewind*
9scientist & the roots radicscaring for my sister (doctor bird)
10snooch dodd and the pro-teenyou gotta love this city (college of knowledge)
11chicano batmani know it (ato)
12luxembourg signalwhen all that we hold decays (shelflife records)
13siamese elephantsfishbowl (seayou)
14bryony jarman-pintosour face (dego remix) (tru thoughts)
15sofiehappen 2 b there (stones throw)
16frank sinutre200,000,000 steps (new model)
17david toopall i desire (room40)
18lucrecia dalno era sólida (rvng intl)
19schlammpeitzigerhüftgoldpolka (bureau b)
20jaga jazzistspral era (prinz thomas remix edit) (brainfeeder)
21bab l’ bluzgnawa beat (real world)
22biggabushpush push (guitar version)  (tru thoughts)
23esther phillipsthe girl from ipanema (soul music)
24causeyoufair eyes to rings (audiobulb)
25david corderopaula (dronarivm)
26hobiemy feet tell me i’m crazy my pockets tell my i’m different (church)

Playlist for 24/09/20

random jukebox (bonus beats)

1bill callahanpigeons (drag city)
2afel bocoumfari intro (world circuit)
3afel bocoumfari njungu (world circuit)
4moonchild sanellycome correct (transgressive)
5scutiyou know (good machine)
6ikotu a stone shaped like the head of a bird (svnset waves)
7fidan alivatragedy of leaves (self)
8unhappybirthdaymargo (tapete)
9ani glassynys araul (venus on the half shell…) (recordiau neb)
10quakersboogie electric (stones throw records)
11quakersthink i’m finished (stones throw records)
12sir joe quarterman & free soulthe trouble with trouble (mr bongo)
13nils wuelkerhighline (feat. theo croker) (warner music intl)
14godcasterdon’t make stevie wonder  (ramp local)
15land of ooosunshine (numavi)
16afflecks palacepink skies (spirit of spike island)
17chutneyconsolation prize (marshmallow pavement)
18bill callahanlet’s move to the country (drag city)

this is not a disco…(long form edition)

1mammal handsithaca (gondwana)
2mammal handsriddle (gondwana)
3mike vernuskybecomes wing life (audiobulb)
4chief christian scott a tunde adjuahguinnevere [alt take] (ropeadope)
5analog players societyone note samba (ropeadope)
6grand rivercoordinate redirects here (editions mego)
7grand rivermr. speaker (editions mego)
8brett nauckestereo variations for buchla 200 series & serge synthesizer systems (american dreams)
9thurston moorelocomotives (daydream library series)
10bad streamiii (antime)
11marta de pascalissonus ruinae part 1 (morphine records) *rewind*

Playlist for 22/09/20

random jukebox (mix)

1róisín murphysomething more (soulwax remix) (skint)
2working men’s clubvalleys (graham massey mix) (heavenly)
3ela minusmegapunk (domino records)
4tvii soam I (mic)
5hamaal gassira (sahel sounds)
6chief christian scott a tunde adjuahdiaspora (ropeadope)
7steve arringtonsoulful i need that in my life (stones throw)
8beyond junelove loop in negative (inner tribe)
9native harrowif i could (loose)
10cafe alesup sup (simballrec)
11the bahama soul clubafrodisia (buyú records)
12howlingbind (counter)
13darkstartuesday (warp)
14all them witcheseverest (new west)
15all them witchesrats in ruin (new west) *rewind*
16future islandsthrill (4ad)
17deanobring me back down to earth (ctemf)
18dino socciofred’s groove (edit) (razor-n-tape)
19circulatory systemyesterday’s world (elephant six recording co.)
20bebel gilbertoagora ([pias])
21tim shiel ft genesis owusucoliseum (spirit level)
22braille faceslides (spirit level)
23braille facem.o. (spirit level)
24thurston mooredreamers work (daydream library series)
25sorbet ft arboristliving  dying (bureau b)
26archiveremains of nothing (version) (dangervisit, [pias])
27danielle ponder x karate boogaloolook around (hopestreet)