Playlist for 06/01/19

1 craün uve (hush hush)
2 bakground obscure (reserve matinee)
3 mercury rev ft margo price sermon (bella union) *rewind*
4 scott gilmore two roomed motel
5 kokoko! love (transgressive)
6 kamasi washington will you sing (young turks)
7 nonames dads and mums (sumgii remix inst) (tru thoughts)
8 farai national gangsters (big dada)
9 peel dream magazine anorak (slumberland)
10 b.e.d how do you make me feel (heavenly)
11 john grant preppy boy (bella union)
12 tone set the devil makes the loudest noise (cherry red)
13 voice farm am city (cherry red)
14 suicide rocket usa (cherry red)
15 sir richard bishop & w. david oliphant axiulou (unrock)
16 chrome sparks in2 your love (counter)
17 chrome sparks ultraviolet rainbow (counter)
18 om kalsoum alf leila wa leila (souma)
19 holly walker straight line (dama dama)
20 y-bayani asembi ara amba (philophon)
21 papercuts kathleen says (slumberland)
22 papercuts sing to me candy (slumberland)
23 zone farmer seeker (reserve matinee)

Playlist for 30/12/18 (The Annual Rewind)

Each show I picked out one track as the Rewind Track of the Week…these often proved to be that week’s earworm and sometimes it was for another reason. On that note these tunes represent some, but not all, of the best music played between May (when we relaunched) and December. Here’s to more in 2019.

1 sebastian reynolds mahajanaka (bandcamp)
2 herzel arp surfer (biologic)
3 farai love disease (big dada)
4 gaye su aykol istikrarli hayal hakikattir (glitterbeat)
5 decker smudge (royal potato family)
6 amber arcades simple song (heavenly)
7 thelonius monk bye-ya (gearbox)
8 jess sah bi and peter one our garden needs its flowers (awesome tapes from africa)
9 gabriella cohen music machine (dot dash)
10 outputmessage ru (bandcamp)
11 fit of body eighty-one (2mr)
12 gibson and downes tell me why (slowfoot)
13 park jiha communion (glitterbeat)
14 cyril cyril le vide (bongo joe)
15 mildlife the magnificent moon (research records)
16 beth orton and the chemical brothers I never asked to be your mountain (lost leaves)
17 cut chemist ft. laura darlington home away from home (a stable sound)
18 the orielles it makes you forget itgehane (heavenly)
19 carolina lins & os planatos I predict a riot (tru thoughts)
20 ultrafunk I wish (robinsongs)
21 itiberê orquestra familia bota para quebrar (far out)
22 s.c.a.m spooky (big crown)
23 the shacks follow me (big crown)
24 moon panda rabbit (my little empire)
25 naked cameo phony (futuresfuture)
26 claptone ft nathan nicholson underthemoon (different)
27 saint ballantine ashes (snow dog)
28 buddy ross and his pals tra la la la (you don’t deserve this beautiful art)
29 matthew halsall & the gondwana orchestra journey in satchidananda (gondwana)
30 roger nichols & the small circle of friends the snow queen (tapete)
31 dubkasm ft ras b eco do jongo (rastrumentals)
32 cotonete layla (heavenly sweetness)
33 freedom cry baby cry (grapefruit/cherry red)

Playlist for 23/12/18

1 piroshka everlastingly yours (bella union)
2 voiron voirongate (nocta numerica)
3 umber it just fills the hollow spaces (sound in silence)
4 5 reasons treasure (no static)
5 alexandra streliski overturn (secret city)
6 om kalsoum el hob kollo (side 1) (souma)
7 al-90 prokhor song (resonance moscow)
8 emilie kahn island (secret city)
9 planningtorock beulah loves dancing (human level dfa)
10 the orielles it makes you forget itgehane (heavenly) *rewind track of the week*
11 peggy gou it makes you forget itgehane (i cube remix radio edit)(ninja tune)
12 kid sublime it’s real (jazzy sport)
13 gabe gurnsey you can (extended dub)(phantasy)
14 ben lamar gay kunni (intl anthem)
15 donovan writer in the sky (grapefruit)
16 the humblebums rick rack (grapefruit)
17 richmond breakfast (grapefruit)
18 the genetleman losers shelter from the rain (sound in silence)
19 lawrence hart ochre (hotflush recordings)
20 ryd i see u (airport version) (37 adventures)
21 lau itshardtoseemtobeokwhenyourenot (reveal)
22 hippo campus why even try (shorter radio edit)
23 dowdelin laissé mwen (underdog)
24 neighborhood of make believe it’s all wrestling (five kill)
25 deerhunter death in midsummer (4ad)
christmas mix
26 emmy the great lost in you (bella union)
27 goldfrapp winter wonderland (mute)
28 beak face the future (beak)
29 confidence man santa’s comin down the chimney (heavenly)
30 miss sammy j santa, i can boogie (burning girl)
31 reigns melchior (monotreme)
32 jd mcpherson ugly sweater blues (new west)
33 jim james oh my christmas tree
34 jack watts have yourself a merry little christmas (monotreme)
35 duncan eagles midnight mass (Ropeadope)

Playlist for 16/09/18

1 hugo massien ndima ndapedza flip (north side vibe committee)
2 qwasa qwasa sauti di marimba (beating heart)
3 fémina brillando (kartel)
4 carl’o keep saying i’m crazy (self-released)
5 cale brandley with triptych myth morning star (birdwatcher)
6 irakli & zesknel the moments just (intergalactic research)
7 liquid saloon polaroid banana (raw tapes)
8 idaho down in waves (talitres)
9 moskva-kassiopeya encounters (array)
10 sonye ​sankha dona (​​gotsome​​’s got lost in africa remix) (beating heart)
11 daiju cosmic hearts
12 air liquide zeitgeber 3 (intergalactic research)
13 omar chapati beton101 [supercell] (gang of ducks)
14 brother and sister midnight desire (espacial discos)
15 mascha dali dali (seayou)
16 swazi gold disco (research records)
17 hot 8 brass band give me the night (tru thoughts)
18 procul harum luskus delph (grapefruit)
19 mike batt i see wonderful things in you (grapefruit)
20 the orange bicycle competition (grapefruit)
21 3 south & banana rooftop trees (some other planet)
22 beirut gallipoli (4ad)
23 we are the city darkhorizon (sinnbus)
24 dotmichael like that (bandcamp)
25 holy magick panic! (lost room)
26 cotonete layla (heavenly sweetness) *rewind track of the week*

Playlist for 09/12/18

1 james heather mhope (dj seinfeld yadayada remix) (ahead of our time)
2 thundercat ft badbadnotgood and flying lotus king of the hill (brainfeeder)
3 ahmoudou madassane zerzura theme ii (sahel)
4 daniel avery diminuendo (phantasy)
5 farai cray cray/love disease (big dada) *rewind track of the week*
6 ben lamar gay a seasoning called primavera (intl anthem)
7 animanz and juanita evka them changes (magic drum orchestra remix) (tru thoughts)
8 sunda arc flicker (gondwana)
9 dj raff mundo paralelo (big in japan)
10 cosmo sheldrake hocking (transgressive)
11 sampology ft seven davis jr blooming in the streets (middle name)
12 anthony branker black on black (out-sider)
13 narcissist key (narcissist)
14 perlita tigre de bengala (lovemonk)
15 alemayehu eshete alteleyeshegnem (philophon)
16 locust toybox otravin (brainfeeder)
17 taylor graves gok (brainfeeder)
18 the buzzcocks harmony in my head (cherry red)
19 squeeze take me I’m yours (cherry red)
20 boy azooga do the standing still (heavenly)
21 beta band squares (because music)
22 lola kirke monster (downtown)
23 julia jacklin head alone (transgressive)
24 the toast flowers never bend with the rainfall (grapefruit)
25 genesis am I wrong (grapefruit)
26 the matchmakers sandy (grapefruit)
27 uniting of opposites ancient lights (tru thoughts)
28 refree telecaster 01032017b (tak:til)
29 yaadcore ft shanique marie & kabaka pyramid no fenke fenke (12 yaad)
30 parly b ft danny t and tradesman motorbike (scotch bonnet)
31 sands burning man (spaghetti sound)

Playlist for 02/12/18

1 r.seiliog dc offset (turnstile)
2 ry-co jazz mawa (radio martika)
3 te’amir habesha (tru thoughts)
4 takeleave safehold (project mooncircle)
5 dj clea fiero (study)
6 aiko morita colorless (nordic trax)
7 jiboia diapente (discrepant)
8 ludwig a.f. röhrscheid omega quest (unknown to the unknown)
9 hazards of prophecy percussion concussion
10 bsn posse no matter how far (astrophonica)
11 quantic and nidia gongorra amor en francia (tru thoughts)
12 jim lawless tribal warfare (buried treasure)
13 carolina lins & os planatos i predict a riot (tru thoughts) *rewind track of the week*
14 the getup hush (freestyle)
15 chip wickham rebel no 23 (freestyle)
16 mopo ft. jimi tenor acid panama (we jazz)
17 lost twin pequeño apócrifo (galleta/lovemonk)
18 blue veil three horseman of the apocalypse (dichotomy)
19 revjbjelde brigantia lufian (for albion) (buried treasure)
20 grice change my world (hungersleep)
21 cuts shattering through (village green)
22 circle sky if I let go (research & development / bmg)
23 tout bleu au delà des (h)êtres (bongo joe)
24 greentea peng used to (tennen)
25 les troubadours du roi badouin mbali kule aka gloria in excelsis (el)
26 les troubadours du roi badouin sanctus (el)
27 asnakech worku tche belew (awesome tapes from africa)
28 planet battagon salacians of trans-neptunia (on the corner)
29 voetvolk tracing meridians (rotkat)
30 voetvolk femal parade (rotkat)
31 tim blake synthese intemporel (esoteric)
32 tim blake forgotten tapes 2 (esoteric)
33 tim blake floating (esoteric)

Playlist for 25/11/18

1 spiritualized a perfect miracle (bella union)
2 ed harcourt duet for ghosts (point of departure)
3 sumsuch ft matty eeles find home (colour and pitch / bbe)
4 d.y.a morello (foul and sunk)
5 fonetik a velo café (bbe)
6 j mascis everything she said (sub pop)
7 mad timothy master of war (guerssen)
8 michele mercure beginning (rvng intl / freedom to spend)
9 michele mercure an accident to happen (rvng intl / freedom to spend)
10 shelf nunny time to waste (hush hush)
11 the busy twist wa wa wine (beating heart)
12 andreya triana woman (hi-tea / the orchard)
13 marie davidson & lamusa II la ectase (ninja tune)
14 kidsø scandia (finest ego)
15 dj rocca nassau (lerosa rimini dub) (nang)
16 siobhan mccrudden following you (hungersleep)
17 third ear band mistress to the sun (abbey road session unreleased)(esoteric)
18 mountain man baby where are you (bella union)
19 ben osborn fast awake (nonostar)
20 itiberê orquestra familia bota para quebrar (far out) *rewind track of the week*
21 soak everybody loves you (rough trade)
22 the goon sax love lost (wichita)
23 parrots my love is real (heavenly)
24 naz nomad and the nightmares just call me sky (cherry red)
25 green telescope a glimpse (cherry red)
26 the escalators the munsters theme (cherry red)
27 don rendell & ian carr quintet blue mosque (jazzman)
28 dambro sleepless nights (a & r)
29 laibach favourite things (mute)