Playlist for 20/05/18

1 space magic fly (john bryan orcapella version)
2 nick faber what happened yesterday
3 dead man’s chest dub ii eclipse
4 tyndall strassen der nacht
5 otis sandsjo jung
6 sly one flute
7 amirali hidden past
8 keshavara creators of rain
9 metropolitan soul museum eton’s mess
10 benny blanco staraya
11 aleksandir yamaha
12 fred schneider and the superions savage kiss
13 cassius go up feat. pharrell williams (kolja disco remix)
14 thrilogy my love
15 maribou state turnmills (club mix)
16 sare havlicek softmachine
17 waaju ali’s mali
18 tommaso cappellato r’n’free feat. natalie
19 melanie de biasio brother
20 daniel blumberg minus
21 nova flares krokodil tears
22 katie van schleicher party dawn
23 lord tusk shyne eyed gal
24 lagartijeandro caboclo
25 crooked man echo loves narcissus
26 arkajo avasarala
27 the potatohead people liftin’ up feat. k-maxx
28 tents summer of 17
29 the garrys makeout at the drive-in
30 m€rcy rain
31 phillipe petit and friends interlude ii
32 space magic fly (john bryan widescreen version)
33 lomea ideologue (alternate version)
34 dasychira umbreon feat. malibu
35 saint ballantine ashes (rewind track of the week)
36 the dreggs blue
37 franny and zooey my love
38 respectfulchild glitter
39 marry waterson and david a jaycock new love song
40 phillipe petit and friends interlude i

Playlist for 13/05/18

1 ross from friends john cage
2 public service broadcasting people will always need coal
3 sleight of hands not in love
4 losoul there we were
5 fahrland 5/4
6 revbjelde buccaboo
7 garance louis and the mitochondries aye aya
8 chrome sparks I just wanna
9 charo the hurt
10 girls of the internet running
11 bosq com forca
12 the goods glow
13 jura soundsystem udaberri blues
14 bicep rain
15 oliver yorke ryoan-ji
16 tusks paris
17 poppy ackroyd paper
18 david baron the steps (lomea rework)
19 aquaserge je viens
20 jessica lauren kofi nomad (emantive remix)
21 detroit swindle flavourism
22 alejandro mosso quilla
23 herzel arp surfer (rewind track of the week)
24 channel tres contoller
25 leroy hutson this ghetto 74
26 maajo mansaba

Playlist for 03/07/16 (#107)

1 tau mother
2 aleksi perala y1 uk74r1512110
3 cute heels third skin
4 pouvoir magique eclipse (batuk ‘tekaherbs’ remix)
5 submotion orchestra empty love feat. ed thomas (michal kosinski remix)
6 sarathy korwar bismillah
7 dj duke wild dreams
8 approved electronic device fluture toon
9 omar sissy pa sissy
10 to feed on others she said (sensitivity torn)
11 monday club let it reign
12 waifs & strays work on you (harry judda remix)
13 harry judda war bonnet
14 hologram teen hex these rules
15 das komplex brukiew
16 ani glass y ddawns
17 popincourt off track
18 blutch wildstar (tito wun [r]emix)
19 pathos pathos pet names
20 mr macdonald east drive river (calypso edit)
21 the tempest abc extended
22 the tempest eat the wall
23 swans people like us

Playlist for 26/06/16 (#106)

1 blutch anyoma (pavane [r]emix)
2 cute heels lipstick information
3 bloody mary make space in your life
4 exercise one timetrap (locked groove remix)
5 hologram teen marsangst
6 novanta tell a story
7 approved electronic device living nite ft boaze
8 series a evolution technology (dub – mix)
9 dave okumu oceans of purple
10 el nino andres tape one
11 das komplex all for love
12 introflirt frozen lace
13 allen stone perfect world
14 flavien berger x veronique vincent & aksak maboul je pleure tout le temps (contrelarme version)
15 johnny pate muskeeta
16 marino marini papa loves mambo
17 charles blackwell taboo
18 gene summers taboo
19 grace tennessee pow wow
20 the flamingos only have eyes for you
21 os noctambulos not everyone
22 the explorers club be around
23 skylab orca
24 russell e l butler the chill
25 west of the sun trip on a turntable
26 tony truant esprits de suspicion

Playlist for 19/06/16 (#105)

1 swans finally, peace
2 novanta melted eyes
3 recondite murphy’s law
4 bezier cosmos
5 joseph capriate and adam beyer external links
6 mind against gravity
7 psb e.v.a. [dutch uncles]
8 series a evolution technology (7 vocal)
9 aleksi perala v3 uk74r1513070
10 woo york poseidon
11 bestinspace freedom ltd
12 the fontaines handstand
13 the explorers club before i’m gone
14 to feed on others nothing the more
15 ry x deliverance (eagles & butterflies remix)
16 the guest (christo remix)
17 the bodines clear
18 brilliant corners please please please
19 david westlake the word around town
20 the five sharps stormy weather
21 the fleetwoods unchained melody (a cappella version)
22 ric cratey my babe
23 hazel iris no-name-western
24 the burning hell men without hats
25 powernerd whitecars
26 dada black horse
27 demon repellent motorcross skin
28 popincourt the reason why
29 schmieds puls streets (cidrim remix)

Playlist for 12/06/16 (#104)

1 karl mccann follow me
2 pouvoir magique eclipse (loya “tamil” remix)
3 olaf stuut maze (feat. marlon penn)
4 suspended in gaffa fevah
5 introflirty precious thread
6 russell e l butler privilege
7 disintegrate party people (solardo remix)
8 audio napkin
9 paul jack and bethany compson-bradford skyscrapers held together
10 public service broadcasting the other side (maps remix)
11 redpine solo hindsight
12 skylab zillertal
13 scarlet fantastic take me away
14 fufanu plastic people (mumu radio mix)
15 gravy murphy parikia
16 albin lee meldau let me go
17 kristina mi amor
18 the invisible so well
~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~
“trust your instincts” midnight mix
19 ambush tactics intro
20 camea hello earth
21 sebastian mullaert windmaker
22 waifs & strays work on you (harry judda remix)
23 matt tolfey all about you (feat kevin knapp)
24 florist blacky
25 oy space diaspora
~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~
26 rod mckuen & the san sebastian strings a new lullabye (for suzie and Kelly)