Playlist for 14/10/18

1 gaye su aykol istikrarli hayal hakikattir (Glitterbeat) *rewind track of the week*
2 the herbaliser over and over (mr bird remix) (bbe)
3 pavo pavo mystery hour (bella union)
4 bell towers my body is a tempo (unknown to the unknown)
5 a certain ratio do the du (mute)
6 two medicine gold (bella union)
7 glows perla (big score)
8 odesza ft. sasha sloan falls (golden features remix) (counter)
9 cem karaca yoksulluck kader olamaz (pharaway/guerssen)
10 bégayer (bongo joe) الميل
11 the staple singers do something for yourself (soulmusic records)
12 the staple singers john brown (soulmusic records)
13 boy azooga waitin’ (feels like waiting is all I do) (heavenly)
14 gecko turner 45.000$ (guapa pasea) (lovemonk)
15 john grant he’s got his mother’s hips (bella union)
16 nadie la fond jealousy (I’ve watching you) (espacial discos/guerssen)
17 ströer don’t stay for breakfast (boogie on the mainline)
18 brockett parsons ft. adrian harpham healer (ropeadope)
19 oleksandr demianenk wartercolour 022 (hush hush)
20 anne malin all will be (self-released)
21 insolito universo transmutada (olindo)
22 cinnamon denise your hair is the colour (i scream music)
23 calibro 35 ft. elisa zoot travelers, explorers (record kicks)
24 camouflage every now and then (bureau b)
25 zazou bikaye guilty (crammed discs)
26 mongrels shoot the breeze (invisible spies)
27 the phantom’s revenge 80’s dating show (of unsound mind)
28 bart van rijn flowgo (stug music)
29 bixiga 70 quebra cabeça (glitterbeat)
30 perfect body fields (bubblewrap collective)
31 pi power trio 52 girls (birdwatcher)
32 laurel adored (counter)
33 gwenno jynn amontya (heavenly)
34 the space lady across the universe (bongo joe)

Playlist for 07/10/18

1 david august d’angelo (pias)
2 naavi us (hush hush)
3 minimal afrika swamp (ebeamz)
4 frag maddin poke along (janx)
5 luke’s anger get yourself together (super rhythm trax)
6 mavlin raw elements krenta ecsplore)
7 motorama no more time (talitres)
8 damu the fudgemunk openings (redefinition)
9 kev brown m go round (redefinition)
10 gabriella cohen music machine (dot dash) *rewind track of the week*
11 foxtrott intuition (one little indian)
12 manysheva addicted (arandel mix) (kwaidan)
13 miss information a new moon (pioneer works)
14 bato bato escalar la pared de la cueva (bato)
15 mr.g hollywood swingin’ (phoenix g)
16 frank james killah (a & r records)
17 rone mirapolis (infine)
18 jerome sydenham ft. e-man soul descendants (bbe)
19 etch ft. farrah outsider (sneaker social club)
20 marie davidson la chambre interieure (ninja tune)
21 maribou state ft. holly walker nervous tics (dj tennis mix) (counter)
22 bright dog red I would remain reticent (ropeadope)
23 donny mccaslin what about the body (motéma )
24 methyl ethel scream whole (dot dash)
25 winston mcanuff and fixi ft. pongo one note (chapter two)
26 jr.thomas & the volcanoes chin up (colemine)
27 siobhan mccrudden the mermaid in your glass (hungersleep)
28 gwenno tir ha mor (heavenly)
29 stanlaey ode to ovid (pindrop)

Playlist for 30/09/18

1 mike nigro & andrew osterhoudt in between (constellation tatsu)
2 swindle ft. andrew ashong reach the stars (brownswood)
3 allysha joy doom (gondwana)
4 patrick richard shelter (romb)
5 malena zavela should I try (yucatan)
6 hvob eraser (pias)
7 giovanni damico even the stones (bbe)
8 biashara jazz band remmy belesa (no wahala sounds)
9 amber arcades simple song (heavenly) *rewind track of the week*
10 alexis keegan gospel (hartmedia)
11 79.5 facing east (big crown)
12 gecko turner contando bajito (lovemonk)
13 neil and liam finn ghosts (inertia/pias)
14 los iniciados enigma y tu voz (mental expereince/guerssen)
15 manu delgado parasol woods (one little indian)
16 takeo moriyama east plants (bbe)
17 dmitry baevsky & jeb patton fools rush in (jazz & people)
18 jim lawless tribal warfare (buried treasure)
19 kittin cosmic address (nobody’s business)
20 roy ayers holiday (ben rau inkal remix) (bbe)
21 sharda & bassboy drifting (coil)
22 nigil caenaan january’s end (spectral sound)
23 maheras was you there (into the woods)
24 space carry on turn me on (array)
25 scb fish bowl (hotflush)
26 bowman trio the hilary step (we jazz)
27 drums and tuba this is the point (ropeadope)
28 diggs duke a rumor (bandcamp)
29 diggs duke beyond the years (bandcamp)
30 catching flies ft. jay prince & oscar jerome new gods (indigo soul)
31 leonie pernet india song (infiné)
32 e scott lindner close the eyes (ropeadope)
33 broadstrokes underwater (brownswood)
34 bruce brubaker keyboard study 2, v6 (max cooper remix) (infiné)

Playlist for 30/09/18 Bonus Beats #1

1 abdel rahman el khamissi african dance (radio martiko)
2 leah capelle walking with giants (little cabin)
3 dawn landes ft. bobby bare I don’t dance (yep roc)
4 bantunani ft. the mininanis mininan’s (black ninja)
5 graham turner cub’n’gurl (deuce)
6 doctor nativo sabrosuara (stonetree)
7 buddy ross and his pals tra la la la (you don’t deserve this beautiful art) *rewind track of the week*
8 sunny & the sunliners cross my heart (big crown)
9 the sonics find myself another girl (big crown)
10 velvet flare ms fox (a & r)
11 the shadowboxers stop (villa 40)
12 lyndon blue performance (healthy tapes)
13 dixon avenue basement jams and dj haus bullet brain (unknown to the unknown)
14 mandingo another night on earth (2018) (black catalogue)
15 lawrence hart & casually here chimes (hotflush)
16 brandon coleman ft. patrice quinn and techdizzle giant feelings (brainfeeder)
17 w.baer I’ll be ur (memory) (hush hush)
< shallow harbour mix
18 dennis young found trees (tapete)
19 lapre oeso (bureau b)
20 dustin wong w/shaman bambu village made of zephyr (hausu mountain)
21 mouvements 7 contre 4 (guerssen)
22 eitan reiter loop for today (wa wu we live in the woods remix) (circle of live)
23 mildlife phase ii (research)
24 onyx collective ft. sporting life space-wars (big dada)
25 ralph thomas big spliff (bbe)
26 james mcvinnie mad rush (orange mountain)

Playlist for 23/09/18

1 the beta band dry the rain (because music)
2 79.5 terrorize my heart (big crown)
3 bacao rhythm & steel band 1 thing (big crown)
4 laurel life worth living (counter)
5 s.c.a.m spooky (big crown) *rewind track of the week*
6 stuff vault (gondwana)
7 driftmachine shift iii (umor rex)
8 liai brunnen
9 church girls dead wood (chatterbot)
10 liraz shirin joon (dead sea recordings)
11 samira dunia galbi la tahwa tani (ostinato)
12 juan atkins flash flood (life’s good)
13 asa 88 love trumps fear (toys berlin)
14 yak attack safety third (ropeadope)
15 devon welsh vampires (bandcamp)
16 jfdr evgeny kissin’ (morr music)
17 zoltan fesco ft. anna morley time bath (hus hush)
18 stella chiweshe ratidzo (glitterbeat)
19 spiritualized sail on through (bella union)
20 iron and wine what hurts worse (sub pop)
21 don the tiger cantos al aral menguante (crammed discs)
22 soundbwoy killah yours (sneaker social club)
23 hugo massien circles (going in) (ebeamz)
24 coco bryce adventures in perception (dead man’s chest)
25 megumi do it, do it (eatmybeat)
26 paul randolph ft. vernon d.hill heavy (ashley beedle north street space vocal) (ramrock)
27 kerry goodhind the shallow (right track records)

Playlist for 16/09/18

1 waajeed ft. ideeyah strength (jon dixon remix) (dirt tech reck)
2 foamek heart won’t die (youngbloods)
3 amandra dame de bahia (agents of time remix) (obscura)
4 jonathan scales fourchestra ft. bela fleck focus poem (ropeadope)
5 thabang thabane ngwananga (mushroom hour half hour)
6 diggs duke your potential (bandcamp)
7 cyril cyril le vide (bongo joe) *rewind track of the week*
8 cosmic analog ensemble ft.medline en faction (my bags)
9 pan am know the difference (def pressé)
10 kid simpl winter heap (excerpt) (hush hush)
11 abraham brody judith (unknown)
12 ralph thomas est (bbe)
13 jon delerious raised (nordic trax)
14 jowee omicil de l’orient (jazz village/pias)
15 northern jamz stutter (minimal mix) (warehouse music)
16 chris liebing and all went dark (mute)
17 shadowparty reverse the curse (the other two mix) (mute)
18 robi svard alquimia (ropeadope)
19 asnakech worku jinyew (awesome tapes from africa)
20 salim el baroudi fatouma (radio martiko)
21 the dur dur band jubba aaka (analog africa)
22 scott matthews cinnamon (shedio)
23 scott matthews as the day passes (shedio)
< trust your instincts midnight mix #2
24 vessels everyone is falling (max cooper remix) (different)
25 daniel avery glitter (jon hopkins remix) (phantasy)
26 curses ft. perel gold & silber (fango remix) (dischi autunno)
27 the mayans working together (white label)
28 herve babies (cheap thrills)
29 otik latex (keysound)
30 throbbing gristle something came over me (mute)
31 paranorman the source (fusion diagnostics)

Playlist for 09/09/18

1 maribou state beginner’s luck (counter)
2 conner youngblood stockholm (counter)
3 laville easy (acid jazz)
4 dj counselling curt’s jam (white label)
5 om unit tahatan (o$vmv$m redux) (cosmic bridge)
6 stuff fulina (gondwana)
7 rhode & brown moon bells (slam city jams)
8 quentin kane & simon sheldon ft. tk blue the blue room (kaidi tatham’s shokazuku remix) (bbe)
9 intuit ft andy bey planet birth (xantone blacq remix) (bbe)
10 snuff crew where’s the bad (bleeper)
11 brecon half light (mesh)
12 roska ft. alesha lee over you (kicks & snares)
13 laurel crave (counter)
14 the lively set blues get off my shoulder (big crown)
15 the three dudes I’m beggin’ you (big crown)
16 the gondwana orchestra ft. dwight trible the creator has a masterplan (gondwana)
17 allysha joy know your power (gondwana)
18 phyllis dillon something (doctor bird)
19 phyllis dillon love the one you’re with (doctor bird)
20 annie goodchild ether (radicalis music)
21 the montreals y2k (marshmallow pavement records)
22 heiko maile lampoldhausen (from fly rocket fly) (bureau b)
23 shinedoe triplex (music that moves)
24 kyle watson ft. kylah jasmine you boy (this ain’t bristol)
25 maliblue hex (healthy tapes)
26 spiritualized here it comes (the road) let’s go (bella union)
27 mousewater panic stations (a & r)
28 roger nichols & the small circle of friends didn’t want to have to do it (tapete)
29 roger nichols & the small circle of friends the snow queen (tapete) (rewind track of the week)
30 james mcvinnie etoile polaire (orange mountain)