Playlist for 02/03/14 (#17)

1 balanescu quartet autobahn info
2 tongues of fire egypt (jung collective rehash) info
3 revbjelde lullaby (the wicker man) info
4 moody good musicbx info
5 colleen the sad panther info
6 kwes purplehands info
7 bent winter info
8 johanna group strange love action info
9 p.p arnold (if you think you’re) groovy info
10 the rias orchestra pru urebu info
11 kalbata and mixmonster prisoner of love (crb instrumental) info
12 desmond dekker and the aces fu manchu info
13 the soulful strings burning spear info
14 sven libaek solar flares info
15 the passions I’m in love with a german filmstar info
16 pete shelley homosapien (dub) info
17 seu jorge everybody loves the sunshine info
18 robert fripp  north star info
19 grady tate work song info
20 john carpenter assault on precinct 13 info
21 I monster who is she info
22 bugge wesseltoft sharing info
23 isaac hayes going in circles [junk shop treasure] info
24 omar there’s nothing like this info
25 count basie come together info
26 amadou and mariam sabali info
27 curved air melinda (more or less) info
28 blondie fade away and radiate [back to back] info
29 blondie sound a sleep [back to back] info

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