Playlist for 27/07/14 (#35)

1 eliza shadad waters info
2 ambient jazz ensemble cinematize info
3 stac and blue daisy wishing on a star info
4 mono/poly  ra rise info
5 moire dali house info
6 the whole truth myth dub info
7 sparks perfume info
8 bnjmn iv info
9 the hackney colliery band empire state of mind info
10 the shaolin afronauts interlude 1 info
11 the hobbes fanclub into the night info
12 martyn love of pleasure info
13 lea lea psycho info
14 roses gabor rush info
15 shaolin afronauts ojo abameta info
16 I heart the monster hero toni bailey info
17 the cowboy junkies run for your life info
18 bruce lash blister in the sun info
19 basil kirchin I start counting info
20 brook benton a rainy night in georgia [junk shop treasure] info
21 nightmares on wax flip ya lid info
22 odyssey our lives are shaped by what we love info
23 gow dow experience compared to what info
24 tom tom club lorelei [back to back] info
25 tom tom club l’elephant [back to back] info
26 kid 606 audition info
27 the timewriter lost in lyrix info

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