Playlist for 17/08/14 (#38)

1 kutmah agalmato info
2 justin nozuka sweet lover info
3 real lies north circular info
4 sbtrtk new dorp new york info
5 jamie xx all under one roof raving info
6 dark sky silent fall info
7 jack white would you fight for my love info
8 the hobbes fanclub run into the sea info
9 sven perner high tension info
10 evy jane nothing so great info
11 fka twigs two weeks info
12 I heart the monster hero do dah info
13 merchandise enemy info
14 the new pornographers brill bruisers info
15 queens of the stone age smooth sailing info
16 hermes tabula rasa info
17 luke temple dr robert info
18 ellen allien magma info
19 depeche mode enjoy the silence (harmonium) info
20 martyn lullaby info
21 outlines just a lil lovin’ info
22 the anubian lights smoke and mirrors info
23 united future organisation loud minority info
24 curtis amy and dupree bolton katanga info
25 johnny clarke nuclear weapon info
26 max romeo one step forward info
27 lloyd robinson cus cuss info
28 the big 3 all the pretty little horses info
29 the big 3 come away melinda info
30 dave mackay and vicki hamilton see you later info
31 september collective some of these days info
32 dorothy ashby soul vibrations info
33 the young world sweet caroline info

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