Playlist for 05/10/14 (#45)

1 midlake roscoe (beyond the wizard’s sleeve) info
2 the drift bardo II info
3 jimmy james good day sunshine info
4 2econd class citizen and now, nothing info
5 blockhead roll out the red carpet info
6 nicola conte rituals info
7 nils frahm more info
8 brian auger inner city blues info
9 claude bolling full speed info
10 jim james I didn’t know til now info
11 songs of green pheasant remembering and forgetting info
12 bilal levels info
13 locussolus little boots info
14 francoise hardy just call and I’ll be there info
15 billy nichols girl from new york info
16 nico I’m not sayin’ info
17 traffic glad info
18 traffic john barleycorn info
19 ellis island sound swords reversed i info
20 red snapper dnipro (europa 51) info
21 julie delpy something a bit vague info
22 twilight circus dance version info
23 jd73 dark dub info
24 skeletons anf the king of all cities don’t worry info
25 ammoncontact earth’s children info
26 johnny conquest the fisherman info

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