Playlist for 19/10/14 and repeated on 26/10/14 (#47)

1 hieroglyphic being the fourth dimension info
2 fishboy dig a grave info
3 bev lee harling private life of a puppet info
4 talc modern sleepover info
5 ricardo marrero get yourself together info
6 jonny trunk hot coals info
7 the groop a famous myth info
8 gryphon mother nature’s son info
9 the orange alabaster mushroom the fat angel info
10 the kumba mela experiment elephant trax (hammer to the dub) info
11 dante and dhula why do the wicked ones rule info
12 emily haines expecting to fly info
13 les tres bien ensemble a helene info
14 the doors wishful sinful info
15 dj day gone bad info
16 kasper bjorke heaven (nicolas jaar remix) info
17 pollyester the indian (mock and toof remix) info
18 allen ginsberg pacific high mantras info
19 agnes obel close watch info
20 harold budd the pavillion of dreams info
21 harold budd cartago sand dancing info
22 blonde redhead elephant woman info
23 cheju dragon head rock info
24 eivind aarset wolf extract info

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