Playlist for 25/01/15 (#56)

1 carol batton intro
2 guy one a me bayela do me
3 alogte oho jonas and his sounds of joy starlet road filling station romance (inst)
4 kate tempest bad place for a good time
5 hugo kant in the woods
6 nickodemus mirage (yukicito remix)
7 mind brains happy stomp
8 pinkshinyultrablast glitter
9 animal daydream canyon rose
10 clinic the road to salina (generique)
11 slam kill the pain
12 bobby eaglesham for no one
13 keith bled a rose (herbert mix)
14 antibalas pay back africa
15 mayonnaise falling star
16 ben watt north marine drive
17 tracey thorn plain sailing
18 the smiths please please please let me get what I want
19 mozart (choir of christchurch cathedral) ave verum corpus k.618
20 john foxx and robin guthrie luminous
21 toumani diabate jarabi
22 johnny conquest s’on the side
23 break reform cut a map in the soles of my feet
24 ramsey lewis uhuru
25 earth wind and fire evil
26 faust dynastie crisis
27 plush underfed
28 david mcwilliams days of pearly spencer
29 blur beetlebum (moby remix)

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