Playlist for 15/03/15 (#62)

1 vessels elliptic
2 the mighty sceptres I found the letter
3 fabiano do nascimento primeira estrella
4 frameworks calm the still night
5 maribou state rituals
6 beat spacek modern streets
7 vessels echo in (antenna happy remix)
8 lucky brown negra modelo / tibor
9 ginger johnson & his african messengers I jool omo
10 olof arnalds hypnose
11 bjork stonemilker
12 helena hauff the first time he thought, he died
13 martin brew hopscotch
14 hank levine singers michelle
15 diefenbach make your mind up
16 jape floating
17 winona apricot
18 vivien goldman launderette
19 rachid taha rock el casbah
20 the black angels nine years
21 the crocodiles groove is in the heart / californa
22 julian cope me singing
23 julian cope land of fear
24 husky rescue shadow run
25 trevor lovey lotta livin’
26 paul murphy and mark woolford project jazz room
27 suntrust how insensitive

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