Playlist for 19/04/15 (#66)

1 davem shaman’s green sunny hills
2 public service broadcasting go
3 john joseph brill pieces
4 marshmallow coast vocal interlude / vangelis rides again
5 the bluebeaters bladerunner end titles
6 daytoner keith’s soup thing
7 baast suspension
8 psycatron secret cinema loopwaffle
9 keita sano sweet bitter love
10 archie whitewater mist of the early morning
11 archie whitewater life is a rive
12 brian auger git up
13 nicole willis and the soul investigators paint me in a corner
14 daytoner stevie’s stomp
15 show of hands if i needed someone
16 her space holiday tech romance (matmos remix)
17 honeyroot love will tear us apart
18 eddie henderson connie
19 gary bartz ntu troop celestial blues
20 johhny harris movements
21 vangelis reve
22 vangelis l’enfant
23 120 days come out (come down, fade out, be gone)

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