Playlist for 14/06/15 (#70)

1 fink fall into the light (prequel tapes remix)
2 turtle floor
3 lights that change theme 1 stage 3
4 anton zap pauspapier
5 tape runs out flowers
6 jaga jazzist oban (todd terje remix)
7 polyversal souls yelle be bobre
8 kasket egal
9 mr fogg youth
10 fire and the brain no surface
11 trementina hazy youth
12 speedometer no turning back (the reflex revision)
13 amirali fearful stay
14 ginger johnson and his african messengers a you momma
15 funky nassau bahama soul stew
16 maribou state the clown feat. pedestrian (axel boman remix)
17 lunar twin champagne (go satta remix)
18 ital the citadel
james last mix:
19 james last inner city blues
20 james last summertime
21 james last falling star
22 james last bolero ’75
23 james last she came in through the bathroom window
24 james last my sweet lord
25 james last holly holy
26 james last seasons in the sun

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