Playlist for 01/11/15 (#79)

1 shigeto need nobody
2 maribou state natural fools (pedit mix)
3 bosq take over
4 vessels elliptic (alex banks remix)
5 okraa aalasü
6 auntie flo dance ritual ii feat. anbuley
7 rich keyworth oblique
8 charlie barnes more stately mansions
9 grassfight breaking up pigeons
10 tuxedomoon & cult with no name jeffrey nothing
11 skinshape old days
12 little lapin go!stop!go!
13 marc carroll love is all or love is not at all
14 tuxedomoon & cult with no name the slow club
15 mr fogg time to ascend
16 thee koukouvaya prismatic sun
17 ponty mython gracefully ft. lay-far
18 west norwood cassette library blonde on blonde (dunkel vip)
19 funkanala economy class
20 the orielles joey says we got it
21 aksak maboul mercredi matin
22 aksak maboul saure gurke
23 trio mocoto swinga sambaby
24 dom salvador e abolicao uma vida
25 osmar milito e quarteto forma america latina
26 powernerd bmx
27 real experts disco tears feat. daniel angelus
28 submotion orchestra doppleganger
29 circadian rhythm nikko

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