Playlist for 10/01/16 (#85)

1 lights that change song to the siren
2 yann tiersen porz goret
3 solardo dance the disco
4 besombes/rizet lundi matin
5 love and money strange kind of love (situation remix)
6 future feelings over me
7 audio affair meriem
8 manu dibango tropical garden
9 jo bisso odwa
10 married monk love commander
11 moon mood stargazing (irregular disco workers remix)
12 ilya santana hypno-disco
13 jo tongo piani
14 hot hot hawk back to the night city
15 tala am hot koki (ben hauke remix)
16 jon delerious cycles
17 material come down
18 bozambo get it on the music
19 simple symmetry kalimba
20 venkman tapout
21 skinshape summer
22 franck vigroux & matthew bourne radioactivity
23 loop theory collective the estuary
24 calibro 35 74 days after landing

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