Playlist for 14/02/16 (#89)

1 drew worthley prelude ephemera
2 bloodhounds on my trail she’s in my plans
3 phillipi and rodrigo gueto de gent
4 animal collective floridada
5 riccio uhh
6 hunter/game declino
7 paul valentin inner harm (feat. search yiu)
8 submotion orchestra kimono
9 astronauts civil engineer (bit cloudy mix)
10 lance neptune n4
11 lance neptune white eclipse
12 the frozen autumn there’s no time to recall
13 omodada all my gods feat. tik tu
14 hazel iris darlin
15 panorama channel akosua (elijah simmons bells rework)
16 powernerd vendigo
17 porches be apart
18 giorgio tuma maude hope (feat laetitia sadler)
19 plastic animals sigh-fi
20 alejandra ribera satellite
21 amanar intro
22 amanar tarha
23 soame just try
24 scanner and anni hogan future (with jennifer john)
25 david cameron’s eton mess sleep in (bedroom demo)
26 paul valentin zugunruhe (original mix)

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