Playlist for 27/03/16 (#94)

1 my favorite robot for ever more ft. northern lite (marvin & guy transition)
2 sam irl raw land
3 bakradze heart asks
4 giovanni damico joy
5 tin lion secrets
6 baron retif & concepcion perez gazoduc
7 haircut 100 october is orange day (day 1 & 2)
8 kleeer i love to dance
9 kleeer keeep your body workin’
10 cross & quinn skyline vertical
11 karl jensen suicide
12 the lee kings don’t go, please stay
13 lizzy mercier descloux my funny valentine (with chet baker)
14 ash koosha mudafossil
15 jem haynes & soame streets
16 bakradze sad arpeggios
17 tulipmania don’t be so sure
18 eureka california fear and loathing in the classic city
19 deardarkhead falling upward
20 dieter moebius ondulation
21 18+ guards
22 ocoeur reverse yourself
23 ado big peace in the middle east
24 the monochrome set jack
25 rykarda parasol the ruin and the change
26 aria rostami white white

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