Playlist for 17/04/16 (#97)

1 taylor mcferrin postpartum (dorian concept remix)
2 kid fonque bossa over (daev martian remix)
3 pasteur lappe mbale (face to face with the truth)
4 acidulant ladies and house music
5 project pablo warm priority
6 lossy alpine descent
7 munk the bi sus bounce (secret circuit remix)
8 david august j.b.y.
9 stuart masters from the deep
10 the dandelion set and alan moore another suburban romance / main title theme
11 gris-de-lin your ghost
12 karl jensen crazy
13 ahmad jamal pavanne
14 ahmad jamal / miles davis new rhumba
15 the dandelion set and alan moore dark doorway launderettes
16 logan takahashi cella
17 etch untitled hardcore #2
18 olga bell randomness
19 submotion orchestra in gold (traces remix)
20 j. morrison soft play
21 baron retif & concepcion perez the crave / comme la vague
22 samaris wanted 2 say (gervisykur remix)
23 michele stoddart will you wait
24 moniker second to last
25 the orielles twin freaks
26 jake morley falter
27 feft childhood
28 cluster mix the belldog / umleitung / caramel / helle melange / im suden / a1 / avant / ho renomo / fabrik, hamburg (excerpts)

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