Playlist for 12/03/20


This is not a disco…

1 e scott lindner 1(n1) (ropeadope)
2 laurin huber globus iii (hallow ground)
3 omar aloulou marion (shouka)
4 staub 005 a1 staub 005 (iris)
5 unknownmix django (bongo joe)
6 electric sewer age dekotur (old europa cafe)
7 electric sewer age surrender the crags (old europa cafe)
8 akb sedimentär (lamour)
9 pulled by magnets the immortal fire (tak til)
10 pulled by magnets cold regime people die (tak til)
11 slift sonar (stolen body)
12 michael grigoni & stephen vitiello sheridan, wy (12k)
13 lisa marie simmons heavy (ropeadope)
14 ozzy gestures (schalen)
15 principleasure fractal gem (principleasure)
16 leo takami children on their birthdays (unseen worlds)
17 leo takami garden of light (unseen worlds)
18 big blood ave maria (schubert) (feeding tube) *rewind*
19 jeff swanson & case fitter fyra (bace)
20 n’sawa-saraca nepenthes (ropeadope)
21 t.u imaginary landscape n 2 (false industries)
22 bridget hayden waste (self)
23 fizzè kulu hatha mamnua (bongo joe)
24 e scott lindner 13 (ropeadope)

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