Playlist for 18/06/20


this is not a disco

1 ellen allien human (bpitch control)
2 vibration black finger can you see what i’m trying to say (jazzman)
3 the storm watchers versus (bmm)
4 unthotof cctv (sxn)
5 ytamo mantis (someone good)
6 escaper res magna (ropeadope)
7 drift masquerade i / masquerade ii (tapete)
8 ryan porter the psalmist (world galaxy + alpha pup)
9 nubya garcia pace (concord jazz)
10 elusive ft ian roller dream land (alpha pup)
11 gabriel olafs lóa (variation) (oli)
12 johnny woods secret commonwealth (behind the sky)
13 steve roach escher sketch (behind the sky) *rewind*
14 !sooks era (black catalogue)
15 ellen allien hello planet earth (bpitch control)
16 bruce brubaker metamorphosis 2  (infine)
17 kate nv du na (rvng intl)
18 ben holmes interlude on avenue j (chant)
19 quest ensemble the boatman (pft)
20 simon mccorry sanctus (herhalen recordings)
21 arnold dreyblatt lapse (black truffle)
22 arnold dreyblatt star trap (black truffle)
23 c. diab utopia (injazero)
24 hum drummuh the hours (mad goals) (gravitas)
25 frythm la luna (sxn)



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