Playlist for 28/07/20


random jukebox

1 zoe polanski violent flowers (youngbloods)
2 kutiman awake in the rain (siyal music)
3 the twilite tone do it properly (stones throw)
4 human error club before (preference)
5 gretschen hofner judy garland life (rpm)
6 rialto underdogs (rpm)
7 barclay james harvest medicine man (esoteric)
8 haii head above the parakeets (mute)
9 essa weira phthalopix (alpha pup)
10 takuya kuroda change (first word)
11 y otis ity bity (we jazz)
13 steve arrington keep dreamin’  (stones throw)
14 the little unsaid dolly (reveal)
15 will butler surrender (merge)
16 kutiman lost in the bush  (siyal music)
17 devonwho soar (leaving)
18 tina rosalina (speedy wunderground)
19 automatic signal (joojoo remix) (stones throw)
20 le couleur désert (lisbon lux)
21 dr. pete larson and his cytotoxic nyatiti band koblo (dagoretti)
22 dana gavanski trouble (full time hobby)
23 lucrecia dalt disuelta (rvng intl)
24 genevieve artadi living like i know i’m gonna die (brainfeeder)
25 mr ben & the bens on the beach (bella union)
26 the flaming lips flowers of neptune 6 (bella union) *rewind*
27 kara sing (leaving)
28 hc mcentire final bow (merge)
29 andrew gold lonely boy (original version) (esoteric)




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