Playlist for 17/09/20

random jukebox (bonus beats)

1xylajust you and me (lofi edit) (leaving)
2dj babuhigher (dilated junky music)
3vex ruffinmabuhay boy (stones throw records)
430dropdunkelblau (axis)
5sly5thave ft quanticthe edge (swarvy remix)
6thurston moorehashish (daydream library series)
7junkboy salt water  (fretstore)
8fickle pickle down smokey lane (grapefruit)
9david toop all i desire (room40)
10le couleur oiseaux sauvages (lisbon lux)
11immaterial possessiontropical still life (cloud recordings)
12linaireno part of me ever dies (self)
13mynthivy, meet me in your dreams (ramp version) (assim)
14dana gavanskinever too far (full time hobby)
15finkbloom innocent (horizontalism session) (r’coup’d)

this is not a disco…

1kris myerseasily offended (tiny room session)
2lucrecia daltrevuelta (rvng intl)
3obelia waxwingfollow (56k)
4christopher bissonnettesuffering (12k music)
5snowdropstrapezian fields edit (injazero)
6david toopfor believing (you were a strange beautiful unearthly creature from a faraway planet) (room40)
7haaihead above the parakeets (mute)
8tony allen & hugh masekelawe’ve landed (matthew herbert’s absence dub remix) (world circuit) *rewind*
9chief christian scott a tunde adjuahidi of the xodokan] (ropeadope)
10terreon gullyspherical (tiny room session)
11greg spero overemotional (tiny room session)
12kitt lylesold soul (saluda)
13kris myersactual proof (tiny room session)
14vox portentcult fanatics (ctemf)
15beyond juneminimal vibe (inner tribe)
16bing & ruthbadwater psalm (4ad)
17ustad saamitrue notes (happy morning) (glitterbeat)
18howlingellipses i/ii (counter)
19christopher bissonnetteaccumulation (12k music)
20michael scott dawsonlondon, 4am (we are busy bodies)
21ainontime transformed (we jazz)
22david tooptiny human figurines made from sand. if you held  these to your ear, you heard soft sweet music (room40)
23schlammpeitzigerrappelvolle leere (bureau b)
24bad streamsonic healing (fontarrians clipped feelings rework)  (antime)
25andree burellide sidera (american dream)

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