Playlist for 08/12/20

random jukebox (mix)

1 the vacant lots  bells (a recordings)
2 we are dark angels  saucy dish (tbc)
3 cave circles   dan dan  (secret angels )
4 augenwasser  work wait work (bongo joe)
5 shhe  beds (black taffy remix) (one little independent)
6 mermaid chunky  gemini girls (faith & industry)
7 mistura pura  blue bus (ubiquity)
8 stephen becker  one day at a time (nna tapes)
9 le commandant couche  bise mort gun (black milk music)
10 letherette  kworon (wulf)
11 jac berrocal, david fenech, vincent epplay  no guitar today (klanggalerie)
12 pva  talks (mura masa) (big dada)
13 paul mondot  countdown to disco (soul central remix) (electric mode)
14 cyril cyril  les gens (bongo joe)
15 potatohead people  1st light (bastard jazz)
16 pop district  auburn circle (far away tapes)
17 glenn astro  mostly gh0stly (tartelet records)
18 thaba  severin (soundway)
19 rozzma  hout (xl)
20 raoul sinier  ghost museum (self)
21 zazou bikaye  angel (crammed discs)
22 mad zach & yunis  ballerina mechanique (mad lab)
23 stella sommer  young ghost, old century (northern dancer records)
24 michael j collins  jack (filthybroke)
25 rhinoceros  i’ve been there (esoteric)
26 grupo folclórico  tamba (analog africa)
27 mistura pura  there we go (ubiquity)
28 whyt noyz  plastic dreams (electric mode)
29 kasbo  augusti, 0519 (interlude) (counter records)
30 surprise chef  daylight savings (mr bongo)
31 plastic penny strawberry fields forever (grapefruit)
32 andersens  empty love (morr music) *rewind*

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