Playlist for 31/12/20

this is not a disco 2020 rewind part 2

1javier hernandonovilunar (la olla express)
2joshua van tasselconjuror-er (backward music)
3bambithe first snow of the winter (spinning top)
4jana irmerteverything minus all (fabrique)
5deadbeat & paul st. hilairecheck what time it is (another moon)
6silvia tarozzidomina (unseen worlds)
7bhajan bhoymagicho (wormer bros)
8aki tsuyukothrough six rooms (rvng intl.)
9michael grigoni & stephen vitielloa clearing (12k)
10uymitsua sparrow’s wings (24 karrot records)
11vibration black fingeracting for liberation pt 1 (jazzman)
12anteloperisotope 420° (intl anthem)
13jane in palmaquiet sky (sfr records)
14shackleton & zimpel primal drones (cosmo rhythmatic)
15l’exotighostcha cha challoween (everlasting records)
16marta de pascalissonus ruinae part 1 (morphine records)
albums of the year
17adam coney, anders holst & duncan marquissfrom isolation 1 & 2 (trestle)
18ustad saami aman (peace) (glitterbeat)
19bing & ruthi had no dream (4ad)
20william basinskitear vial lamentations
21bruce brubaker & max coopertwo_pages (infine)
22stephan mathieu , ekkehard ehlersnew years eve (keplar)

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