Playlist for 12/01/21

random jukebox

1james banguraincoherent response (art-e-fax)
2j0erumy pet snake plant (sxn)
3puma bluesilk print (blue flowers)
4skinshapebehind the sun (lewis recordings)
5late year (otxhello & dilip)be u (alpha pup)
6tsurudano more (alpha pup)
7twintimesweb! (alpha pup)
8r.a.p. ferreira & scallops hotelthe cough bomber’s return (ruby yacht)
9nayana izpartner in crime (different)
10meril wubslinlà-autour (bongo joe)
11hilang childmagical fingertip (bella union)
12páula. povoa & jergeprimavera (hologram teen’s cristo redentor remix) (moshi moshi) *rewind*
13yanik parkponytrip (polifonic)
14richie hawtinconcept 1 9612 0000 bonus (bandcamp)
15onipafire (mawimbi remix) (mawimbi)
16hemai ft. emilia anastazjanoa noa feat (tru thoughts)
17chaiplastic love (sub pop)
18young knivesjenny haniver (republic of mind)
19wax tailor ft. mark laneganjust a candle (lab’oratoire)
20my morning jacketrun it (radio edit) (ato)
21michael feuerstacki used to be a singer (forward music group)
22mandelmini suite ii (bedroom community)
23salami rose joe louiswe’re dumb (brainfeeder)
24badmixdayeasy the kid not anymore (dome of doom)
25caravelaa macieira (none more)
26m wardyou’ve changed (anti)
27cory hansonpaper fog (drag city)
28cloudchordpurple rain (cloudchord)
29julia bardoit’s okay (to not be okay) (wichita)
30lphow low can you go (sota)

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