Playlists for 14/01/21

random jukebox (bonus beats)

1 s8jfou  fond memories of youth (parapente music)
2 kidd mojo  theshapeoffunk2come (hyperjazz)
3 barra brown ft epp ride (cavity search)
4 mogollar  iklig (night dreamer)
5 mdou moctar  chismiten (matador)
6 sinéad o’connor  trouble of the world (heavenly)
7 tiziano popoli  iunu wenimo (rvng intl)
8 joey pecoraro  lost in the wilderness (alpha pup)
9 ane brun  crumbs (balloon ranger)
10 crly x westseven  give life (1hx)
11 mieux  params (affine records)
12 duke  light of love (self)
13 the diabolical liberties  sliders (on the corner)
14 vis a vis kankyema (we are busy bodies)

this is not a disco

1 wax tailor  fear of a blind planet (lab’oratoire)
2 frythm  braniac (sxn)
3 frythm  don’t cry (sxn)
4 lars bröndum  the legend of dagon (eighth tower records)
5 yanik park  ohayashi (polifonic)
6 sole  firefish (black box tapes)
7 twenty fingers duo  walking through the three points (mic lithuania)
8 jeff rona  vapor #1 (wide blue sky)
9 mombi yuleman  dreaming of innsmouth (eighth tower records)
10 zeitgeist & tucceri  tzimtzum (la sape)
11 ka baird  i (rvng intl)
12 james bangura  texts of murakami  (art e fax)
13 richie hawtin  richie hawtin concept 1 9607 1300 (bandcamp)
14 mandel  mini suite i (bedroom community)
15 mandel  nhatrang (bedroom community)
16 arnold de boer  who is here is from here (makkum)
17 meril wubslin  laisser parler (bongo joe)
18 kasper agnas  far away, closer (haphazard music)
19 arnold de boer  belt (makkum)
20 nick schofield  travertine museum (backward music)
21 ryan dugre  foxglove (11a)
22 mind safari  healing process (rave tuga)
23 rachika nayar  the trembling of glass (nna tapes)
24 francis inferno orchestra  psychotria think tank (polifonic)
25 simone de kunovich  passiflora dub (polifonic)
26 wax tailor  never forget (lab’oratoire)

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