Playlist for 26/01/21

random jukebox (mix)

1 lionmilk  hope you are well (leaving)
2 luiz gabriel lopes  venus (da lata)
3 mario rom’s interzone  what you say (traumton) *rewind*
4 d-ren 1  female (ugly music)
5 fickle friends  million (self)
6 robbie & mona  slow club luv (spinny nights)
7 kalbells  purplepink (nna tapes)
8 wheelup ft  afronaut, brint story & destiny will   good love (tru thoughts)
9 teeth agency  anon (stones throw)
10 sophie  bipp (autechre mx) (numbers)
11 ikoqwe  pele (crammed discs)
12 seyaa penn francis  moving in reverse (sxn)
13 nikitch & kuna maze  46 rue du fort (crafty 893 remix) (tru thoughts)
14 mush  seven trumpets edit (memphis industries)
15 beli  find out (beli)
16 melby  old life (rama lama)
17 ancient astronauts ft joyce olong pagliacci´s reprise (switchstance)
18 timo lassy & teppo mäkynen  calling james (live) (we jazz)
19 richard von der schulenburg (rvds)  dance of the space pentax (bureau b)
20 fontaines d.c  a hero’s death (soulwax remix) (partisan)
21 ikoqwe  pele (madmadmad remix) (crammed discs)
22 snowk ft froya miyanohara (warners japan)
23 benny sings ft. tom misch  nobody’s fault  (stones throw)
24 anka foh  kounady (shika shika)
25 minor moon  no lightning fix (ruination & whatever’s clever)
26 finis africae  hybla (bongo joe)
27 crasse  tilted feat. novaa (digitalis )
28 conny frischauf  auf wiedersehn (bureau b)
29 clever girls  baby blue (egghunt)
30 goat girl  badibaba (rough trade)
31 marc almond these my dreams are yours (sfe)

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