Playlists for 04/02/21

random jukebox (bonus beats)

1 kenny segal  corduroy shorts (dome of doom)
2 joel st. julien  very fine people (bandcamp)
3 butcher brown  fonkadelica (concord jazz)
4 butcher brown  broad rock (concord jazz)
5 soviet space research institute (ssri)  a black cat’s journey to the other side (line explorations)
6 felbm  brunnengasse (soundway)
7 jahjaylee  right, right. right (fantastic voyage)
8 jiggler  out of the dark (stil vor talent)
9 rejoicer  third eye jungle run (live) (stones throw)
10 secretsundaze  devious (secretsundaze)
11 ben & dylan  hanging waters (waterworld)
12 jah wobble  lam tang way dub  (30 hertz)

this is not a disco

1 land systems  goodbye (edit) (spirit level)
2 david toop  animals and i we had dealings together (ana ott)
3 al wootton  ashe (trule)
4 daniel avery  into the voice of stillness (phantasy)
5 prima kanta  xiao xu (les disques linoleum)
6 behrang & sean  poshtesh bahare (johanna knuttson remix)
7 robohands  villains (king underground)
8 mason lindahl  soft light (tompkins square)
9 mason lindahl  fantasy in spectacle (tompkins square)
10 bruce brubaker & max cooper  opening (laurel halo version) (infine) *rewind*
11 binker and moses  leaving the now behind (gearbox)
12 mario rom’s interzone  you’ll fine me no more (traumton)
13 marta finkelštein, yiorgis sakellariou, dominykas digimas as it came into my little attic (mic lithuania)
14 lion’s drums  alouatta (hembra) (lion’s drums)
15 mara  singing (spirit level)
16 martina bertoni  in circles of thoughts   blue ed. (karl)
17 gooooose  ion (super hexagon records )
18 iami   hass (1hx)
19 murcof  underwater lament (leaf)
20 clarice jensen  summer (130701)
21 mindy meng wang x tim shiel  hidden qi  (music in exile )
22 luzmila carpio  amaotayku avelino sinani (el buho remix) (zzk)
23 chaz knapp  my tmj pain might be an abscess  (figure eight)
24 alina kalancea  spell (tribute to maria tanase) (important)
25 ai yamamoto  late morning (someone good)
26 nick schofield  ambient architect (backward music)

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