Playlist for 09/02/21

random jukebox (mix)

1 ancient astronauts  tebamanyi feat. moroots (switchstance)
2 neuquén groove  falaou moutains (chuen interpretation) (self)
3 ricky banda  who’s that guy (zambezi now again)
4 soundburger  ambiguously the same (cultures of soul)
5 salute  jennifer (extended)  (echorex)
6 new order  be a rebel (paul woolford remix edit) (mute)
7 orthographic figure outside path (low recordings)
8 souldynamic  addiction (boo williams remix) (excedo)
9 lord of the isles  unnsa (beats in space)
10 mast  their fear of diversity (world galaxy/alpha pup)
11 dot never  drill (squareglass)
12 lionmilk  hints (leaving)
13 unthotof  perfect imperfections (sxn)
14 la chica  sol (zamora label)
15 chants  shimmer and glimmer (astral plane)
16 yr lovely dead moon  mirror (hot concept)
17 psymon spine  real thing (northern spy)
18 tiziano popoli  svelf (rvng intl) *rewind*
19 black country, new road  opus (ninja tune)
20 mataparda  la papa suave (bongo joe)
21 cloud chord  how deep is your love (cloud chord)
22 the macrames  so in love with you (now again)
23 los yesterdays  mr. yesterday (bosco mann mix) (now again)
24 izy  no further than you (hopestreet)
25 nasimiyu murumba   all is full of love (bjork cover) (tbc)
26 eadyth, mawpit and foxxglove  paradwys (self)
27 crimi  quetzalcoatl (airfono)
28 sun june  karen o (run for cover + keeled scales)
29 the telescopes  mesmerised (tapete)

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