Playlist for 11/02/21

this is not a disco

1 badmixday  after all (dome of doom)
2 sonologyst  the prayer (eighth tower records)
3 tiziano popoli  a simple drawing (rvng intl)
4 adam gibbons  getting intimate 1 (bastion)
5 grahan costello  eudaimonia (gearbox)
6 kyriakides, electra,  schwartz,  barnas  affect display (unsounds & roma))
7 haig fras  labadie  banks (buried treasure)
8 richard von der schulenburg (rvds)  mrs yamahas summer tune (bureau b)
9 llyr  dream sequence 3d (mesh)
10 lionmilk  great mother in the sky (leaving)
11 the invisible session  from lagos to addis ababa (space echo)
12 lårry  bessernach (aldrich remix) (super hexagon)
13 revbjelde  the crossfell phase (buried treasure)
14 gridlock inhale (bare)
15 viatorism  version 4 (mille plateaux)
16 bewider  gymnopedie 3 (wider studio) *rewind*
17 sound people  luck is where you find it (beacon sound)
18 mast  psalm for all tomorrows (world galaxy/alpha pup)
19 ancient astronauts ft. nilotika cultural ensemble source of life (switchstance)
20 tassos chalkias  delvino kai tsamouria (delvino and tsamouria) (radio martiko)
21 shohei amimori  c4jet (noble)
22 cloud chord  yummy (cloud chord)
23 unthotof  fated (sxn)
24 lord of the isles  sisters (beats in space)
25 sunnk  the sole night (mille plateaux)
26 sound people  hematite  (beacon sound)
27 shohei amimori  wabe (noble)

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