Playlist for 16/02/21

random jukebox

1 fyi chris ft thick richard  scum of the earth (black acre)
2 dj frenzaction   thick disco (fantastic voyage )
3 kalbells  pickles (nna tapes)
4 visionist  the fold (mute)
5 will graefe  coral court motel (11a)
6 sarah mary chadwick  don’t like you talking (rice is nice)
7 chez de milo  bushwa  (future boogie)
8 lou hayter  time out of mind (generalisation dub) (skint)
9 elado  gulab jamun (elado edit) (razor n tape)
10 unkle  do yourself some good (ronin throwdown) (songs for the def + studio unkle)
11 wang chung  dance hall days (kim buran 80s boogie remix) (nang)
12 kuja orchestra  sauna funk (jazz aggression)
13 tamil rogeon  momus (soul bank music)
14 manastone collective, pike, nicholas penn  big bear in the peaceful valley (sun bus)
15 teeth agency  many people (remake)(stones throw)
16 altin gün  kara toprak (glitterbeat)
17 arema arega  no time to regret (self)
18 astronautica  ghost town (alpha pup)
19 joao selva  meu mundo (underdog records) *rewind*
20 ben varian  period chart (lobby art)
21 anna leone  once (all points &  half awake)
22 pijama  bisou (tbc)
23 david fenech & klimperei  tarzan en tasmanie (marionette)
24 rela & beka gochiashvili  if i could (inner tribe)
25 rela &beka gochiashvili  fly (inner tribe)
26 alfa mist  run outs (anti)
27 sam gendel  eternal loop (leaving)
28 field works  halaqah ’azaliyyah (temporary residence)

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