Playlist for 18/02/21

random jukebox (bonus beats)

1 new york disco orchestra  the way we were  / love in motion (disco espacial)
2 black five  wa ikgona (cultures of soul)
3 the invisible session  west island (space echo)
4 margino  holiday (cultures of soul)
5 crimi  mano d’oro (airfono)
6 beigean  bolly dub (hot concept)
7 mzylkypop  ursula in regression(skint)
8 tommy james & the shondells  i think we’re alone now (grapefruit)
9 cathal coughlan  song of co aklan (dimple discs)
10 oh ok brother (hhbtm records)
11 minor moon  under an ocean of holes (ruination & whatever’s clever)
12 katy j pearson  beautiful soul (heavenly recordings)
13 bill callahan & bonnie ‘prince’ billy ft ty segall  miracles (drag city)

this is not a disco

1 lawrence le doux  compassion lake (nous’klaer audio)
2 mg (martin gore)  vervet (mute)
3 mats erlandsson  dali in sapphire (vaagner)
4 christian reim sextet  part 1 (jazz aggression)
5 carl magnus neumann and christian reim quartet  goodbye ii (jazz aggression)
6 acid youth  arrhythmical (mfz) *rewind*
7 8ball  equator  (sneaker social club)
8 roma zuckerman  ask vahid for hit (trip)
9 one arm  b.o. (atypeek music)
10 otto oscar hernandez, mandy mozart  policei (vienna struggle)
11 mark feldman  maniac (intakt)
12 chuck johnson  raz-de-maree (taktil)
13 dmx krew  dejected ambient twerp (hypercolour )
14 david fenech & klimperei  levy attend (marionette)
15 luca forcucci  infinitum (lfo editions)
16 cristian vogel  new born wise (endless process)
17 alpha maid harry wants to imagine a world without you (canvas)
18 dialect  under~between (rvng intl)
19 claire rousay  discrete (the market) (american dreams)
20 antifragile  the light bearer (spirit bomb)
21 federico mosconi  dance of slow waters (dronarivm)
22 rachika nayar  losing too is still ours (nna tapes)
23 vetle nærø  waves (7k)

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