Playlist for 25/02/21

random jukebox (bonus beats)

1luiz gabriel lopes  venus (da lata)
2 dale jenkins  depression (got kinda lost)
3 danielle de picciotto  who am i (broken clover)
4 zha  blue dust (filthy broke)
5 elisabeth waldo  balsa boat (righteous)
6 wau wau collectif  mouhamodou lo and his children (sahel sounds)
7 lion’s drums  water (self)
8 the romance of baba loco  hootie tootie disko flutie (faith & industry)
9 dima pantyushin & sasha lipsky  ray of sunshine (bis)
10 the gracious losers  loath to leave (last night from glasgow)
11 gina leonard  hard time (nothing fancy)
12 jives  wait for me (alpha pup)
13 penn francis  windowsill (sxn)
14 dntel  fall in love (morr music)
15 automatic  strange conversations (sudan archives remix) (stones throw)
16 lucrecia dalt  nu (rvng intl)
17 nightshift  piece together (trouble in mind)

this is not a disco (long form edition)

1 mats erlandsson  phase calendar (vaagner)
2 tiziano popoli  mimetico erettile (rvng intl)
3 meroli   evening lights (space echo)
4 tomoko mukaiyama  early memory (tomoko)
5 tamil rogeon  horns no eyes (soul bank music)
6 bill thompson  ocean into light (burning harpsichord)
7 lionel marchetti  la grande vallée (recollection grm)
8 michèle bokanowski  rhapsodia (recollection grm)
9 lijnenspel  48kbps, 8000hz (bandcamp)
10 sonologyst  chiangimuerti (eighth tower records)
11 sound people  obsidian flow (beacon sound)
12 federico mosconi  dreamers and tides (dronarivm)
13 otto oscar hernandez, mandy mozart  librarian (vienna struggle)
14 christian reim sextet  part 4 (jazz aggression)
15 chuck johnson  the laurel (tak til)

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