Playlists for w/e 05/03/21

random jukebox

1 caravela  vale do capa~o (none more)
2 jives  iron blossom (alpha pup)
3 mattie  human thing (leaving)
4 parlay droner  god nods (filthy broke)
5 dima pantyushin & sasha lipsky  chess (beats in space)
6 baeshi bang and ip koa son  guna hae (self)
7 früit  mr (sxn)
8 ted barnes  way beyound this (mornington)
9 nick hakim  qadir (badbadnotgood remix) (ato)
10 jane weaver  heartlow (full version) (fire)
11 throwing snow   lithics (houndstooth )
12 dam swindle  get together (aus)
13 altin gün  maçka yollari (glitterbeat) *rewind*
14 max  le daron ft stevo atambire mama kollo (akwaaba)
15 mecánica popular  impresionistas 2 (bongo joe)
16 esplendor geométrico  sheikh (bongo joe)
17 secret of elements  cassini (infiné)
18 satomimagae  numa (rvng intl)
19 fears  vines (tulle)
20 will stratton  tokens (bella union)
21 emicida  a ordem natural das coisas (stern’s music)
22 j.l.g.  lion lady (vision music)
23 abel ray  last exit to transkei (prah recordings)
24 ralph tv  4u (nice guys)
25 roxy music pyjamarama (grapefruit)
26 duncan browne send me the bill for your friendship (graprfruit)
27 simon turner the prettiest star (grapefruit)
28 andrea black  strange girl (self)
29 nasimiyu  watercolor (figure eight)
30 don cherry  priceless (gearbox)

random jukebox (bonus beats mix)

1 telex  moskow diskow (remastered) (mute)
2 brodka & scottibrains  wrong party (speedy wunderground)
3 via fantastica  onstage, right now (self)
4 squid  narrator (warp)
5 wooden peak  swarm (teleskop)
6 marie davidson & l’œil nu  c’est parce que j’m’en fous (jlin remix) (ninja tune)
7 balthazar  moment (pias)
8 love tractor  fun to be happy (hhbtm )
9 the desert wolves  love scattered lives  (optic nerve)
10 the natvral  why don’t you come out anymore (kanine)
11 julien baker  heatwave (matador)
12 be bop deluxe  blue as a jewel (2020 stereo mix) (esoteric)
13 toe fat  the wherefors and the whys (esoteric)
14 kutiman  surface currents (siyal)
15 merope  leliumoj (granvat stroom)

this is not a disco

1 sam gendel  sustain (leaving)
2 pierce with arrow  narcissus (dais)
3 meroli  where are you (space echo)
4 dale jenkins  instrumental (got kinda lost)
5 effe effe  intro (nemu)
6 vetle nærø  hypnagogia (k7)
7 tiago sousa  the unbearable lightness of being (discrepant)
8 alder ego  november ghost (we jazz)
9 caixa cubo  khanimambo  (heavenly)
10 zopelar  break the cycle (apron records)
11 bendik giske  fantas for saxophone and voice (editions mego) *rewind*
12 obay alsharani  speak your truth (hive mind)
13 akisai  whiteout (schole)
14 lucrecia dalt  mono (rvng intl)
15 simon chivallon  the wanch (jazz & people)
16 nicola conte & gianluca petrella ft. nduduzo makhathini tribes (schema)
17 icp septet + joris roelofs, terrie ex, mara’s pianola  pianola potpourri (instant composers pool)
18 gc/nc  ninlil (unexplained sounds group)
19 nur jaber  blue waters (if only)
20 valgeir sigurðsson  eva’s lament/brute force/hypoxia (bedroom community)
21 alder & ash  a seat amongst god and his children (lost tribe sound)
22 whisper room  lunokhod02 (midira)
23 deniz cuylan  flaneurs in hakone (hush hush)
24 cameron knowler and eli winter  strawberry milk (american dreams)

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