Playlist for w/e 26/03/21

random jukebox

1 derrick harriott & the crystalites   golden chickens (doctor bird)
2 derrick harriott & the crystalites   stop that man (doctor bird)
3 derrick harriott & the crystalites   lady madonna  (doctor bird)
4 winston wright & the supersonics black power (doctor bird)
5 the gladiators live wire (doctor bird)
6 the silvertones slow and easy (doctor bird)
7 five  oop (trax only)
8 mike dillon  pelagic (royal potato family)
9 israel nash  southern coasts (loose) *rewind*
10 wooden peak  lamp (teleskop)
11 bernice  dry river bed (figureight)
12 maria somerville  seabird (4ad)
13 merope  oi toli (granvat stroom)
14 graham costello circularity (gearbox)
15 montoya  orun (cornelius doctor ritual remix) (zzk)
16 kim anh  recovering (trax only)
17 perfume genius  one more try (actress remix) (matador)
18 jitwam  confessions  (tartelet)
19 nubiyan twist  24-7 feat ego ella may (strut)
20 the breathing effect ft. lionmilk world love (alpha pup)
21 treetalking  infinite1111 (sxn)
22 the breeders  dirt eaters (4ad)
23 rutger hoedemaekers  an explanation for its own sake (130701)
24 m. rahn  iron flowers (seasides on postcards)
25 kmru  ot (injazero)
26 daniel avery & alessandro cortini  illusion of time (teodor wolgers rework) (phantasy)
27 hubble monk’s mound (raund haus)
28 sam gendel  sometimes i feel so good (leaving)
29 greg spero & co rise up (tiny room)

reverse alignment guest mix (by raffaele pezzella)

1 moljebka pvlse (sweden)  realms of memory (excerpt)
2 jarl (sweden)  darkness (excerpt)
3 hoarfrost (poland)  mimesis
4 b°tong (germany)  orop
5 zalys (france)  kepler 186f
6 velgenaturlig (portugal)  anāhata (excerpt)
7 taphephobia (norway) house of memories
8 ajna & dödsapparaten (us / sweden)  season iv malaise
9 manifesto (sweden) first rain
10 sij & item caligo (russia) queer reminiscence

for more info on these releases see

this is not a disco (long form edition)

1 barbara ellison  de auflaan de pussychat (unsounds)
2 cut worms  cinder locks (opa loka)
3 yair etziony  git remote rm main (lamour)
4 langham research centre  dinotique (nonclassical)
5 mia zabelka & icostech  circadian disrupt  revisiting narcolepsy (featuring joshua trinidad) (subcontinental)
6 binker golding, john edwards, steve noble  lunar wind (byrd out)
7 boris acket  chapter 1 — lightbulb on ceiling, wind through curtains (de lichting)
8 weavings  section 1 (unsound)
9 manchester collective (performing philip glass) company i. – iv. (bedroomcommunity) *rewind*
10 cosmic range  palms to heaven (jazzman)
11 m. rahn  nuclear summer (seasides on postcards)
12 rodolfo ontaneda  río de sangre hirviendo (unexplained sounds group)

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