Playlists for w/e 02/04/21

random jukebox

1 ed is dead  inner love (idioteque)
2 sylph  braid (radio edit) (mute)
3 billy nomates  heels (invada)
4 cathal  coughlan  the knockout artist (dimple discs)
5 other mirror  cat scratch (kingunderground)
6 zerolex trio  le temple (bmm)
7 joseph efi  this is lovely (lowlife)
8 dvr  loneley (xl)
9 greg blackman  lessons in love (ramrock blue)
10 the steoples  alas alice (stones throw)
11 kid fonque x jonny miller  sarhalel featuring toshi (isolation mix) (stay true sounds)
12 scorpion kings & tresor  fola sade (platoon music)
13 biggabush abyssinia rising (watch tv remix)  (tru thoughts)
14 in flagranti  i’ll read what i damn well please (codek records)
15 modern romance  can you move (cherry red)
16 blue rondo a la turk  sarava (cherry red)
17 medium medium  serbian village (cherry red)
18 anthony joseph  calling england home (heavenly sweetness)
19 elaquent  mad love (alpha pup)
20 museum of love  cluttered world (skint)
21 whispering sons  satantango (pias)
22 snapped ankles  rhythm is our business (leaf)
23 zeitgeist freedom energy exchange  kreuzberg kix (geology’s brooklyn slap mix) (secretsundaze)
24 true peak limit  hope detuned (mesh)
25 etienne de la sayette  keguli (muji)
26 guazú and terror/cactus flor del desierto (shika shika)
27 mad zach  that one from ago (mad lab)
28 alpha maid  maid mild weather (canvas) *rewind*

random jukebox (bonus beats)

1 claire rousay  peak chroma (american dreams)
2 jeff rona  vapor #5 (wide blue sky)
3 simona zamboli  take me somewhere (mille plateaux)
4 james alexandr  testify  in my body  (viscious)
5 footrocker light of day (raund haus)
6 hugo massien   omnipotent love energy (e-beamz)
7 rabu mazda  bom feitio (disco extendes)
8 mia zabelka & icostech  recurring conundrums (subcontinental)
9 kiefer  superhero (stones throw)
10 gulls  wind & delay (boomarm nation)
11 chaz  97f at 9pm (figureeight)
12 the underground youth  and i… (fuzz club)

this is not a disco

1 rutger hoedemaekers  we will clamber through the clouds and exist (130701)
2 ben seretan  fog rolls out rabun gap (nna tapes)
3 sam gendel  semi-silent way (leaving records)
4 franck vigroux  matériaux iv (erototox decodings)
5 zaumne  voyage (mondoj)
6 kid fonque x jonny miller  sarhalel featuring toshi (dark reprise) (stay true sounds)
7 masha motive  artificial fruit (voitax)
8 nigel mullaney  beyond the map’s edge (behind the sky)
9 jon anderson  ocean song (2020 remaster) (esoteric)
10 @c  gml coda (cronica)
11 jullian gomes  darkness in paradise (feat. samantha thornhill) (world without end )
12 brian shankar adler  nuearth (chant)
13 33emybw  the room (unsound)
14 kamron saniee  cha (bonus track) (svs)
15 brian bennett  air quake (strawberry)
16 carlos niño & friends  pleasewakeupalittlefaster, please . . . (intl anthem)
17 dntel  the seas trees see (les albums claus, morr music)
18 benjamin finger  in isolatum (krysali sound)
19 chris corsano & bill orcutt  a port in air (palilialia)
20 maja s. k. ratkje  harstad a (motvind)
21 expanseplane  morrow of returns (chant)
22 alder & ash  a prelude to the decline (lost tribe sound)
23 valgeir sigurðsson  deserter (bedroom community)
24 bastarda  aperte (unsound)
25 neuro… no neuro  fractured relaxation (audiobulb)
26 andrew cs  felt park ripples (leaving)
27 kazuya nagaya  heretic bibliography (mirus rework)
28 j foerster, n kramer  air flows (leaving)
29 bobby lee  broken prayer stick (tompkins square) *rewind*
30 the stranglers  love 30 (cherry red)
31 american culture  dub for eagles (hhbtm)
32 sarah neufeld  stories  (oli)
33 celer  great circles (two acrons)

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