Playlist for w/e 09/04/21

random jukebox

1 tune yards  cannonball (4ad)
2 paul frick  great song title 9 (kuf’s funked up jive) (col legno)
3 a certain ratio  wonderland (mute)
4 the midnight  ghost in your stereo (counter)
5 t2  into the red (esoteric)
6 karate boogaloo  bumpy’s lament (college of knowledge)
7 dima pantyushin & sasha lipsky  inner light (beats in space)
8 snakefoot & stephanie wilson  cloud chamber (dome of doom)
9 amanda whiting ft. nadya albertsson after dark (rebecca vasmant remix) (jazzman)
10 modern modern life  london wants you there (different)
11 expanseplane  beltane (chant)
12 melldu  mute theatre  (maida maori)
13 devonwho  tungsten (leaving)
14 teno afrika  conka (awesome tapes from africa)
15 middle name dance band ft natalie slade  love bite (middle name)
16 neida  for all the time sake (nehza)
17 cave dwellers seven oh seven
18 via fantastica  bamboo (tbc)
19 aksak maboul  tous ko (an aksak maboul reconstruction) (crammed discs)
20 david baron  the han (here & now)
21 moss covered technology  decapod (dronarivm)
22 visionist  form (mute)
23 thugwidow  peter (western lore )
24 rone  la nuit venue feat. camélia jordana (infiné)
25 minor moon  the ground (ruination & whatever’s clever)
26 los retros  it’s got to be you (stones throw)
27 harpers bizarre   bye bye bye (cherry red)
28 black pumas  sugar man (tbc) *rewind*
29 future islands  the moon is blue (4ad) *rewind*
30 new age steppers  love forever (onusound)
31 ted barnes  metal man (mornington)

Guest Mix compiled by Alexandra Spence (Room40) Listen Again for 4 weeks

1 daphne x rebecka’s bottle ocarina, bar manolo (eminent observer)
2 melanie velarde sirens (temporary archives)
3 suzanne ciani paris 1971 (finders keepers)
4 eiko ishibashi hyakki yagyo part 2 (excerpt) (black truffle)
5 jacob sachs-mishalanie aq (self)
6 del lumanta a weak sense of place (room40)
7 tomoko sauvage flying vessels (bohemian drips)
8 ka baird west end (freedom to spend)
9 alexandra spence tidewater (room40)
10 alexandra spence waves (room40)

this is not a disco

1 simon provencher  toutes ces reponses (michel)
2 conrad clipper  say the name (luau)
3 mint julep  in the ocean (western vinyl)
4 the luvmenauts  michael dorn suffers a spatial anomaly (do right)
5 duo odio  broken structures (g89 records)
6 duo odio  eco de un (g89 records) 
7 small town twiin  howling orbit (bigger deer recordings)
8 d’tch reparation dub (western lore )
9 koma saxo  erzeben koma (we jazz)
10 player dave  mutate (player dave)
11 player dave  where the wind blew me (player dave)
12 rone  vers marseille (infiné)
13 sicker man  dialog with kiki bohemia (sickerman)
14 the luvmenauts  extravehicular activity (do right)
15 the jazzfakers  five dashes i say again (alrealon musique)
16 david granstro¨m  transience (hallow ground)
17 whettman chelmets  winter 3 (feels off from the year before) (drawing room) *rewind*
18 bing and ruth  gigantic (4ad)
19 christopher chaplin  jared (fabrique)
20 norman westberg & jacek mazurkiewicz  first man in the moon (hallow ground)
21 rawfru¨cht  unnilingus et langoustines (sub rosa)
22 david shea  the shape of the land (room40)
23 tristan kasten-krause from thin air (wnyc new sounds)
24 trojan panda  animal (carton)
25 francisco meirino  being a lame being (misanthropic agenda)
26 para one  shin sekai (alva noto remix) (animal63)
27 richard chartier  interreference 3 (room40)
28 walter smetak & conjunto de microtons  ofício (buh)
29 tine surel lange  metal and spoon (sofa)

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