Playlists for w/e 30/04/21

Celebrity Guest Mix: Justin Toland (Via Fantastica)

1 human league   empire state human
2 via fantastica   must be built
3 sally shapiro   sundown (nite jewel remix)
4 via fantastica   onstage, right now…
5 tony allen with afrobeat 2000   nepa (dance dub)
6 avalanches   electricity
7 boards of canada   roygbiv
8 via fantastica   never surf again
9 new order   thieves like us
10 los wálters   pop normal
11 via fantastica   gwawr
12 winston tong   the quotidian

this is not a disco (long form)

1 trojan panda  sylvie coiffure (carton)
2 david granstro¨m  aeon (hallow ground)
3 tristan kasten krause  euphoria cancel (wnyc new sounds)
4 vieo abiungo  empty heroics (lost tribe sound)
5 deantoni parks  procession (humani machina) *rewind*
6 small town twiin  a branch beyond us (bigger deer recordings)
7 yadayn  elders ii (lost tribe sound)
8 dopolarians  the release (mahakala music)
9 driftmachine  albatross follows a killer whale (umorrex)
10 sicker man  dialog with schneider tm (sickerman)
11 rawfru¨cht  le sommeil de l’ours (sub rosa)
12 various  kali malone  fantas for two organs (editions mego)
13 flavigula  dobruszka a její veprík (submarine broadcasting company)
14 whisper room  lunokhod05 (midira)
15 the german ocean  mairidh bròn (submarine broadcasting)
16 darren j. holloway  richard’s home (submarine broadcasting company)
17 marta forsberg  tkac´ (thanatosis)
18 ben glas  noise for quantum listening (ferric flux)
19 norman westberg & jacek mazurkiewicz  what is good for the goose (hallow ground)
20 kutiman surface currents (siyal)
21 david shea  meditation (room40)
22 kazuya nagaya  gravity  coco (francavilla rework) (indigo raw)

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