Playlists for w/e 18/06/21

random jukebox

1 jobim / blanco  hino ao sol (ode to the sun) (el)
2 dougie stu  henny (resavoir remix) (ropeadope)
3 anthropoda  wanting (tiny room)
4 eraan  creep (primitive art)
5 mischa blanos  audition at 9 (infiné)
6 black palms orchestra ft. monsterheart)  nightcall (seayou)
7 mattia cupelli  egeria (mic)
8 jerry folk x fengsel  everything (folkestad)
9 laura masotto and roger gouda  refugees (7k!)
10 douran  midnight breath (allo floride)
11 dau  the death of smut (spirituals)
12 era c  don’t call me from los angeles (future archive)
13 hiss golden messenger  sanctuary (merge)
14 the mountain goats  dark in here (merge)
15 julien baker  ringside (matador)
16 torres  don’t go puttin wishes in my head (merge)
17 delgres  aleas (le label pias)
18 c / a  the primer (self)
19 jerry folk  dotted red (folkestad)
20 kaktus einarsson  story of charms (oli)
21 the catenary wires  face on the rail line (skep wax) *rewind*
22 pablo bolivar ft. ben preisinger  elevator (short version) (seven villas)
23 don melody club  psychonauten (bongo joe)
24 jimi tenor  mysteria (electric remix) (variophon)
25 asa moto wanowan efem (deewee)
26 charlotte adigery patenipat (deewee)
27 movulango leave (deewee)
28 paolo yumol goopy thing (moon mix) (rvng intl)
29 dylan moon ft. ruth kace canyon (rvng intl)
30 marc melia  pec¸a ge`lida (city tracks)
31 vincent leibovitz  agafia (city tracks)
32 neusa maria  meditacao (el)
33 jorginho  para nao sofrer (el)
34 carlos augusto  a felicidade (el)
35 os cariocas  samba do aviao (el)

this is not a disco

1 ben seretan  8pm crickets (nna tapes)
2 new age steppers  aggro dub version (onusound)
3 mattia cupelli  chant (mic)
4 waclaw zimpel  fen (7ki)
5 triosk meets jan jelinek  theme from trioskinek (fatiche)
6 jl duo ft adrian knight  ismalfa a ii (lethe thanatosis)
7 niklas paschburg  opera (dobrawa czocher & hannes kretzer collaborative rework)  (7k)
8 rêves sonores  svalbard (youngbloods)
9 rêves sonores  swan song (youngbloods)
10 matt rösner  celestial (room40)
11 atwood-ferguson / spero  duets part 6 (tiny room)
12 kink gong  khmu miao qiang (discrepant)
13 sunroof  1.1 7.8.19 (mute)
14 sunroof  1.2 30.5.19 (mute)
15 tangents  lilliputian (temporary residence)
16 bruno bavota  apartment loop #6 (temporary residence) *rewind*
17 alessandro cortini  lo specchio (edit) (mute)
18 mischa blanos  silicon road (infiné)
19 dau  zed zed (spirituals)
20 norwell  lighter than the air feat. alpár (riverette)
21 pierce with arrow ft. dbridge  it’s a love story, after all (dais)
22 neunau  forme elaborate e contorte (until riots)
23 treetalking  stargazing (sxn)
24 oberon  time past, time come (grapefruit)
25 ben seretan  rain and cicadas (nna tapes)

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