Playlists for w/e 24/06/21

random jukebox (mix)

1 agostinho dos santos  dindi (el)
2 elizete cardoso  vida bela (el)
3 jobim  vinicius  lamento no morro (el)
4 pery ribeiro  samba de orfeo (el)
5 joao gilberto  manha de carnaval (el)
6 graham mushnik  octopus dance (les disques bongo joe)
7 nico mauskovic  a big brain (les disques bongo joe)
8 la redada  calla boca (les disques bongo joe)
9 meridian brothers , grupo renacimiento  bomba atómica (les disques bongo joe)
10 dandy livingstone  suzanne beware of the devil (doctor bird)
11 the chosen few  everybody plays the fool (doctor bird)
12 greyhound  moon river (7 inch mix) (doctor bird)
13 bruce ruffin  rain (doctor bird)
14 john holt  ali baba (doctor bird)
15 alton ellis  ooo wee baby (baby i love you) (doctor bird)
16 the techniques  i’m in the mood for love (doctor bird)
17 nirvana  i need your love tonight (grapefruit)
18 shape of the rain  the very first clown (grapefruit)
19 caravan  aristocracy (grapefruit)
20 rusty  once upon a dream (grapefruit)
21 contact lovers from the sky (grapefruit)
22 mortimer on our way home (grapefruit) *rewind*
23 timon and now she says shes young (grapefruit)
24 drew and dy dedicated to love (grapefruit)
25 the yardbirds  dazed and confused (live) (grapefruit)
26 deep purple  mandrake root (grapefruit)
27 zior  strange kind of magic (grapefruit)
28 donald woods and the velaires death of an angel (righteous)
29 dick summer  that goatee’s got to go (righteous)
30 the threeteens  dear 53310761 (righteous)
31 the u.s. rockets  bodacious (righteous)
32 louis jordan  that chick’s too young to fly (righteous)
33 m.a beat!  generiq for smart and stupid people (black milk music)
34 ezzy  melting in the night (black milk music)
35 花伦 city blues (unexplained sounds group)
36 broken thoughts  vaguely remembered (unexplained sounds group)

this is not a disco (long form edition)

1 kristin oppenheim  she had a heavy day (info) *rewind*
2 konus quartett & klaus lang  drei allmenden (cubus)
3 dogs versus shadows  you are here (submarine broadcasting)
4 yodok & massimo pupillo  v (radio edit) (midira)
5 blue gene tyranny  the forecaster hopes (2019) (unseen worlds)
6 hassan wargui  tiddukla (hive mind)
7 beautiful lunches  ruckenmedallions (shadow world)
8 acidmothersguruguru  next time see you at the dalai lhama (bam balam)
9 gabriele gasparotti  dal treno della via lattea (unexplained sounds group)
10 bertil mark  12345 (pnn)
11 boris acket  chapter 2 — blackbird song through bedroom window (de lichting)
12 jana irmert  everything minus all (fabrique)
13 gabriella smith & gabriel cabezas  lost coast (bedroom community)
14 greensalde sundance (esoteric)
15 bright dog red  i swear (ropeadope)
16 alessandro cortini  sempre (mute)
17 kleistwahr  we sense it through the even snow  rust eats the future
(the helen scarsdale agency)

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