Playlists for w/e 30/07/21

random jukebox

1 shire t  full attention (radio edit) (dama dama)
2 sentimental animals  loose rules (original mix) (razor n tapes)
3 sentimental animals  love vibration (yuksek remix) (razor n tapes)
4 sylvester  you make me feel (mighty real) soulwax for despacio remix (craft)
5 raf rundell  luxury (trevor jackson reproduction) (heavenly)
6 scott lavene  the first time (nothing fancy)
7 park hye jin  y don’t u (feat. clams casino & take a daytrip) (ninja tune)
8 the waves  hold on (concentric)
9 fehler kuti  deutsche passe (alientransistor)
10 donna summer x green velvet  i feel little pills  ((super disco club bootie))
11 dawn richard  boomerang (merge)
12 lakou mizik & joseph ray  bade zile (anjunadeep)
13 onipa  chicken no dey fly ft franz von (boomerang)
14 vex ruffin  mabuhay boy (pasta groove remix) (stones throw)
15 barrabás  time to love (sommor)
16 barrabás  the horse (sommor) *rewind*
17 silas short  cloudy june (stones throw)
18 kiefer  when there’s love around (stones throw)
19 mungo’s hi fi  nhs 24 dub (scotch bonnet)
20 lowdoses  before me (sxn)
21 mischa blanos  innervision (cristi remix) (infine)
22 nene h  we wait (incienso)
23 sly5thave  super rich kids (tru thoughts)
24 mndsgn   3hands divine hand i (stones throw)
25 post yoga  knotts (nothing fancy)
26 biicla  outside (young art)
27 minutes unlimited, eliot lipp, michna  spectra (alpha pup)

this is not a disco (long form edition)

1 robert gerard pietrusko  perishing red skies (room40)
2 aar & dag  rytsfsd (aar & dag) *rewind*
3 brian c. short  objects of scorn (variously appraised) (reverse alignment)
4 shackleton  something tells me / pour out like water (woe to the septic heart)
5 acid mothers guru guru  electric junk (bam balam)
6 ian william craig  because it speaks (fat cat)
7 yann novak  a biochemical cascade (room40)
8 the gaye device  desolate purity (submarine broadcasting)
9 dave phillips  a cycle completed (misanthropic agenda)
10 caterina barbieri  firmamento (important)
11 arushi jain  under the lilac sky (leaving)
12 karkhana  nafas kahrouba i (karl)
13 dunkelziffer  oriental cafe (bureau b)
14 oliver koletzki  a starseed’s journey (stil vor talent)
15 sonologyst  superluminal (reverse alignment)
16 portico quartet  terrain iii (gondwana)
17 sally decker  in the tender dream (nna tapes)
18 byron westbrook  memory phasings (important)
19 asemix  lakebrain (warm winter)
20 jarl  chemical mirror (reverse alignment)
21 hotel kali  calmstorm (antime)
22 museum of love  your nails have grown (skint)
23 max loderbauer  harmonic (concentric)

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