Playlists for w/e 13/08/21

random jukebox

1 stone giants  west coast love stories (nomark)
2 makèz  feel the same (original) (heist)
3 keeley  last words (dimple discs)
4 jane and barton  hey! it’s the twenty twenties (cherry red)
5 dr joy  signed, the body electric (idee fixed)
6 stone giants  a year to the day (nomark)
7 chris liebing  something half way (mute)
8 moonchild sanelly  yebo mama (transgressive)
9 mjiri  sweat (give take)
10 rude audio  they’re in our head kampong glam mix (rude audio)
11 ulrich schnauss & mark peters  hindsight is 2020 edit (bureau b)
12 doildoshi  the last dictator (luca lozano remix) (more rice)
13 pleasure  misty 191012 (disasters by choice)
14 mdou moctor  taliat (matador)
15 spirits rejoice  joy (matsuli)
16 raimundo sodré  a massa (ropeadope)
17 raimundo sodré  mêrêrê (ropeadope)
18 balimaya project  balimaya (jazz refreshed)
19 a certain ratio  yo yo grip (mute)
20 anchorsong  tunis dream (tru thoughts)
21 barrabas  hijack (sommor)
22 anushka  bad weather (tru thoughts)
23 jarren  devotional medley (spice adams mix)  (apron)
24 helado negro  gemini and leo (4ad)
25 evolfo  give me time (rpf)
26 colin scot  nite people (esoteric)
27 colin scot  take me away (esoteric) *rewind*
28 the tell  kt (reclaim)

this is not a disco

1 directions  echoes (radio edit 1) (temporary residence)
2 robert lippok  m3 s (establishment records)
3 moritz von oswald trio  chapter 4 (modern recordings)
4 timo lassy  foreign routes (we jazz)
5 run logan run  a brief moment (wormdiscs)
6 rachika nayar  clarity (rvng intl commend)
7 xordox  dark matter (editions mego)
8 anna meredith  start engines bpm 100 bpm 144 bpm 108 (moshi moshi)
9 home learning  assembler (mare nostrum)
10 jeremiah cymerman  for as long as grass grows (for tony scott) (5049)
11 balimaya project  i no gree (jazz re:freshed)
12 kutiman  guruji (siyal)
13 metra.vestlud  a choir of angels crowns us (kofla tapes)
14 metra.vestlud  sweet weakness (kofla tapes)
15 tinctures  samhiß (subcontinental)
16 caterina barbieri feat. lyra pramuk  knot of spirit (light years) *rewind*
17 nate mercereau  shared reality (how so & nice life)
18 expose your eyes  palpable 1 (submarine broadcasting)
19 dan nicholls  papa (we jazz)
20 lucy railton & kit downes  down to the plains (variations)
21 home learning  episode a (mare nostrum)
22 rachika nayar  august 31st (rvng intl commend)
23 trondheim jazz orchestra & ole morten va°gan  dismay on ice (odin)
24 —__–___ aka seth graham and more eaze) when you’re hot around the narcs (orange milk and mondoj)

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