Playlists for w/e 20/08/21

random jukebox

1 swansea sound  swansea sound (english) (lavender sweep & skep wax)
2 qrtr  want me 2 (dome of doom)
3 on our own clock  ngikhetile (mushroom half hour)
4 tune-yards hold yourself (claud remix) (4ad)
5 jamila & the other heroes   border syndrome  (radio edit) (springstoff  slowtrane)
6 native soul  dead sangoma (awesome tapes from africa)
7 blk odyssy  murda (after school)
8 christoh ft aunty enough (assim)
9 ace henderson  hide & seek (home team)
10 buffalo daughter  et (densha) (tbc)
11 hiss golden messenger  hardlytown (merge)
12 russell potter  the night roads (tompkins square)
13 russell potter  red and white (tompkins square)
14 wye oak  its way with me (merge)
15 tulay german & francois rabbath  leylim ley (zehra)
16 nãnci correia & origin one  symphony of life (tru thoughts)
17 mandel turner  only you (paloma)
18 mmyykk  divine (rhythm section)
19 girls of the internet meets tableland   there’s a place for us (drab queen)
20 foshe & bentley  tech yes (headcount)
21 kameelah waheed  america the beautiful (original version  no guitar) (ramrock)
22 kebekeletrik  war dance (dam swindle remix) (salsoul) *rewind*
23 jean-pierre djeukam  africa iyo (analog africa)
24 louis wasson et l’orchestre kandem irenée  song of love (analog africa)
25 afronaut  how it goes (tru thoughts)
26 meridian brothers y conjunto media luna  el profesionalismo es importante (bongo joe)
27 dos santos  city of mirrors (intl anthem)
28 jordan rakei  family (ninja tune)
29 dali a4 (a tribute to the highway) (rebirth)
30 dntel  connect (morr music)
31 future islands  for sure (washed out remix) (4ad)

this is not a disco

1 geoastra  xoraniwb (g89)
2 celia hollander  5 59 pm (leaving)
3 celer  melancholy movement I & II (room40)
4 directions  echoes (radio edit 3) (temporary residence)
5 fruit  10 mr (sxn)
6 john carroll kirby  tenderfoot pegasus (stones throw records)
7 jodi  breakfast with venus (guerssen)
8 mark cain  bonang solo (parenthèses)
9 russell potter  a stone’s throw (tompkins square)
10 laurin huber  nickel (hallow ground)
11 dan nicholls  yeh yeh (we jazz)
12 moritz von oswald trio  chapter 1 (modern recordings)
13 dave okumu  rtn (transgressive)
14 run logan run  screaming with the light on (worm discs)
15 tacent  oberheim scratch (off the records)
16 new age doom & lee scratch perry  life is an experiment  (we are busy bodies)
17 elusive  nebula (feat. bubby lewis & josh koslow) (world galaxy alpha pup)
18 anthropoda  careless (tiny room)
19 machinefabriek  music for a measurable existence [single edit] (phantom limb)
20 domingae   aeva (sacred bones)
21 mr.windmill & jay.soul  ruffajazz (2021 edit) (self)
22 dylan henner  exton (spirituals)
23 rakhi singh  khuda’i (excavation) (bedroom community)
24 thook  bronze garen (self)
25 pole  tanzboden (mute) *rewind*
26 gerycz powers rolin  rotations (american dreams)
27 bob holroyd  the surrey ambience service (real world x)
28 john haycock  in a bloopy mood (limefield)
29 glenn fallows & mark treffel  fear me now (mr bongo)
30desire marea uncle kenny (mute)

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