Playlists for w/e 27/08/21

random jukebox

1 beli  chrome tec (beli)
2 beverly glenn-copeland sunset village (blood orange remix) (transgressive)
3 sheriff, quiet prophet  coastin (quiet prophecy)
4 harkness  moon spell  (windchild) *rewind*
5 brain dancing   waltz 4 me (of unsound mind)
6 altin gün  cips kola kilit (bandcamp)
7 levitation orchestra  many in body, one in mind (gearbox)
8 the cookers  somalia (gearbox)
9 wheelup  elana (thijsenterprise remix) (tru thoughts)
10 the brother moves on  you think you know me (matsuli)
11 balimaya project  soninka patronba (jazz re freshed)
12 sunken  show me your mind (7476)
13 spencer  my luv (4ad)
14 nasaya, maro  i see it coming (foreign family collective)
15 quantic & nidia góngora   macumba de marea (radio edit) (tru thoughts)
16 let your hair down  bf holiday (college of knowledge)
17 david ornette cherry  so & so & so and so (spiritmuse)
18 tycho, benjamin gibbard  only love (tmom pop ninja tune)
19 hugo nicolson  fly pie (crisper)
20 rocket science  the ocean is for dreamers (seayou)
21 makèz  not so different (heist)
22 wooze  mighty cloud (young poet)
23 kid simius  balearic sundance (jirafa)
24 unkle  do yourself some good (diplo remix) (songs for the def)
25 she lies  met you (exlove)
26 sufjan stevens and angelo de augustine  reach out (asthmatic kitty)
27 indigo de souza  hold u (saddle creek)

this is not a disco (long form edition)

1 xordox oil slick (editions mego)
2 cadu tenório  roukanken-hakurouken (sinewave)
3 badbadnotgood  signal from the noise (xl)
4 john haycock  thermic (limefield)
5 western edges  temperance (sound in silence)
6 levitation orchestra  many in body, one in mind full (gearbox)
7 rdeca raketa  like gasoline (ventil)
8 zoku metsu  undulations one & two (alrealon)
9 alvin curran  fiori chiari, fiori oscuri – excerpt (black truffle)
10 beverly glenn-copeland ever new (reworked by kelsey lu) (transgressive)
11 thom yorke  creep (thom yorke very 2021 rmx) (xl) *rewind*
12 superposition  pure awareness (formless)
13 ora clementi  forest of materials (black truffle)
14 brin & josiah steinbrick  blissplaceofficial (full bloom)
15 third ear band ghetto raga (esoteric)
16 these liminal days  space 1.4 (self)
17 anushka chkheidze juta (establishment)
18 greg nieuwsma  in c  flea market (submarine broadcasting)
19 home learning  matches and papers (mare nostrum)

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