Playlists for w/e 03/09/21

random jukebox

1 zion80  pardes  curha rmx (chant)
2 typical girls  nice boys (kanine)
3 moon boots  come to me (pure moons)
4 pip blom  keep it together (ludwig a. under pressure mix) (heavenly)
5 john carroll kirby  luz mala (stones throw)
6 peyton  haters (clean) (stones throw)
7 biodive  infinite lifetimes (beatless mix) (p.istol)
8 steve gunn  other you (matador)
9 fire  father’s name is dad (original) (grapefruit)
10 fire  treacle toffee world (grapefruit)
11 bufallo nichols  lost & lonesome (fat possum)
12 lp  goodbye (pias)
13 fruit bats  the balcony (merge)
14 gemma cullingford  i like you (outré disque)
15 hannah holland  shutters (ext mix) (prah recordings)
16 minutes unlimited, eliot lipp, michna  spectra (alpha pup)
17 lopo  filet mingon (bokeh versions) *rewind*
18 lopo   rock mignon (filet dub) (bokeh versions) *rewind*
19 pachyman  sunset sound (ato)
20 marie davidson  lead sister (tim hecker remix) (ninja tune)
21 amy root  ava (reflektor)
22 camion bazar  ylb (jaki)
23 mild high club  me myself and dollar hell (stones throw)
24 vex message  and the land stay still (self)
25 stimulator jones  the essence (stones throw)
26 philipp chrome   ludique (kofla tapes)
27 sorbet ft. mickykiiatein born purple (bureau b)
28 gemma cullingford  ode to billy joe (outré disque)
29 white label ft. jill lorean sleepwalking (69 bluebird)
30 sinclair 808  shadows in my room (hera and now)
31 lambchop  drop c (city slang)
32 lee scratch perry disco devil 

this is not a disco

1 body corp  everything is talking (bedroom suck)
2 avawave  lucid dreaming (one little independent)
3 hannah holland  silhouette swarms (prah recordings)
4 celer  after all time (room40)
5 rachika nayar  allegheny (rvng intl commend)
6 from nursery to misery  a summer morning trip through misty woods (dark entries) *rewind*
7 mark cain  bawu and drones (parenthèses)
8 mark cain  going deeper (bass clarinet and hang drum) (parenthèses)
9 foshe & bentley  olives (headcount)
10 gudrun gut and mabe fratti  walk (umor-rex)
11 måns glaeser gelareh (off the records)
12 elninodiablo  in sensed  (elninodiablomusic)
13 david ornette cherry  ancestors are calling (spiritmuse)
14 white lies and anna seyfried tennessee williams’ cat on a hot tin roof (phantom limb)
15 celer  melancholy movement iii (room40)
16 lyra pramuk  witness (selfless rework)  (bedroom community)
17 minua  order of instants (warm winters)
18 darksonictales  info pandemie (hallow ground)
19 metra.vestlud  heterochromic flowers (kofla tapes)
20 nate mercereau  start with you (how so & nice life)
21 heliochrysum  aliena (bedroom community)
22 miki sawada  & brendon randall myers  echo (slashsound)
23 tinctures  world 1–1 (subcontinental)
24 erik griswold  wolf moon (excerpt) (room40)
25 henrik lindstrand  for den (robert ames rework) edit (one little independent)
26 azu hoyvoy  silent april (milkman)

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