Playlist for w/e 17/09/21

this is not a disco

1 sam gendel & sam wilkes  caroline, no (leaving records) *rewind*
2 solyst   hold (bureau b)
3 konstrukt feat. thurston moore  kurtadam (part ii) (karl)
4 mirco magnani, andrea de witt  oriongrad (undogmatisch)
5 andrea de witt  for thomas poly (undogmatisch)
6 small town twiin  the trees that held up the sky (stt rework) (bigger deer)
7 lucy railton & kit downes  of becoming and dying (sn variations)
8 instupendo  perfume (astrollage)
9 instupendo  gummy (astrollage)
10 western edges  lucy hall drive (sound in silence)
11 lyra pramuk  cradle (patience rework)  ben frost (bedroom community)
12 lomond campbell  engineer of fear (oli)
13 hemai  vertigo (instrumental) (tru thoughts)
14 sandeep bhagwati  dhvanisutras_smrutiranga (excerpt) (unexplained sounds group)
15 ensemble de cadavres exquis  hungry ghost (submarine broadcasting company)
16 are morica  mud (mare nostrum)
17 tim motzer  tokyo dream time (ropeadope)
18 penelope antena  one for lewis (youngbloods)
19 kiefer   curly (stomes throw)
20 pachyman  foundation sound (ato)
21 zoku metsu  epistemophobia  (alrealon)
22 celia hollander  9 48 pm (leaving)
23 brin & josiah steinbrick  ascending as an oil ghost (full bloom)
24 lionmilk quartet  take a breath (preference)
25 brogan bentley  diapason rex (feat. uppy) (leaving)
26 nikki nair  socket (dirtybird)
27 elzy padme  cisternia (shika shika)
28 sally decker  abode (nna tapes)

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