this is not a disco 2021 rewind pt.1 231221

yanik park – ohayashi (polifonic)
deantoni parks – procession (humani machina)
untitled tape (aka leon brichard) – untitled work #1 part 4 (cnmldn)
håkon kornstad – those little things (ik7)
bruce brubaker & max cooper – opening (laurel halo version) (infiné)
aar & dag – rytsfsd (aar & dag)
kristin oppenheim – she had a heavy day (info)
meroli – evening lights (space echo)
from nursery to misery – a summer morning trip through misty woods? (dark entries)
scanner – comus (room40)
bewider – gymnopedie 3 (wider studio)
acid youth – arrhythmical (mfz)
oké – the secret bayle of the maharajas (original cultures)
ai yamamoto – evening night fall fire, cricket, wine glass etc (someone good)
resina – failed myth simulation (130701)
the black dog – sensor (dust science)
thom yorke – creep (thom yorke very 2021 rmx) (xl)

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