random jukebox 2021 pt.2 rewind 281221

ora – i am a stranger to my life (grapefruit)
saint abdullah – glittering appliances (important + caussauna)
tiziano popoli – svelf (rvng intl)
telex – dear prudenced (mute)
mortimer – on our way home (grapefruit)
the catenary wires – face on the rail line (skep wax)
katy j pearson – tonight (heavenly recordings)
movulango – leave (deewee)
self jupiter – the master’s lemonade (the order label)
joao selva – meu mundo (underdog records)
vis a vis – kankyema (we are busy bodies)
caroline – iwr (rough trade)
stereo total – je suis venute dire que je m’en vais (tapete)
abby huston – promise (egghunt)
colin scot – take me away (esoteric)
oh-ok – brother (hhbtm records)

tracks/albums of the year

faust – it’s a rainy day sunshine girl (bureau b)
future islands – the moon is blue colourbox (4ad)
winter – say (bar none)
khruangbin – khruangbin right (bbe)
gustaf – dog (royal mountain records)
gustaf – package (royal mountain records)
gustaf – the motions (royal mountain records)
gustaf – book (royal mountain)
level 42 – starchild (robinsongs)
tiziano popoli – iunu-wenimo (rvng intl)
damon albarn – the nearer the fountain, more pure the stream flows (transgressive)
dark star safari – walk through lightly (arjunamusic)
dark star safari – life stand still (arjunamusic)

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