this is not a disco 2021 rewind pt.3 060122

richard burton – to begin at the beginning (el)
floating points, pharoah sanders, lso – movement 4 (luaka bop)
lisa bella donna – take me in the morning (behind the sky)
sam gendel & sam wilkes – caroline, no (leaving records)
bendik giske – fantas for saxophone and voice (editions mego)
nick schofield – mirror image (backward music)
uman – aubade (freedom to spend)

track of the year:
lorenzo morresi – opening (superecletic)

compilation or reissue of the year:
kristin oppenheim – cry me a river (info)

albums of the year:
the black dog – sensor (dust science)
driftmachine – memories of the lakeside (umor-rex)
untitled tape (aka leon brichard) – untitled work #1 part 2 (cnmldn)

long form classic:
celer – coral sea (two acorns)

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