this is not a disco 180622

aura en el espejo – los días de un pasado que se hace grande (self)
aura en el espejo – contados los segundos es nada lo dulce (self)
sebastiano de gennaro – epilogue (19m40s)
ebi soda – yoshi orange (tru thoughts)
robert takahashi crouch – marcus fischer mirror ritual (room40)
marina herlop – miu (choir version) (p a n)
jose medeles w m ward, marisa anderson, chris funk – before & after (featuring marisa anderson) (jealous butcher)
sebastiano de gennaro – introduction to congettura collatz (19m40s)
sebastiano de gennaro – congettura collatz (19m40s)
jade warrior – barazinbar (esoteric)
sefi zisling ft. layla moallem, jasmin moallem & kerendun – the sky sings (obas nenor’s extended dub) (tru thoughts) rewind
randi pontoppidan & povl kristian – ocean of bliss (chant)
james heather – forgotten cities (ahead of our time)
david bennet & vilhelm bromander – part I – excerpt (thanatosis)
jarr – the one with psychedelic eyes (sound in silence)
green-house – mycorrhizae dreams (leaving records)
rokia koné & jacknife lee – shezita (take a seat) (real world)
joi lau – the hottest day (fufu)
sylvain kassap – le dessous des berges (spiritmuse)
faizal mostrixx – omwezi (moon shine) (glitterbeat)
fabrice lig – images of deepness (elypsia)
gintas k – bonus sound (crónica)
mugwump – i don’t understand you (instrumental) (subfield)

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