this is not a disco 250622 (long form edition)

hüma utku – chironian wound (editions mego)
jose medeles w/ m.ward, marisa anderson, chris funk – before & after (featuring marisa anderson) (jealous butcher)
alberto boccardi – arenaria 1 (room40)
lars from mars & anders holst – where’s my poncho (clang)
martin taxt – disruption, disjunction, deconstruction (sofa)
joi lau – the hottest day (fufu) rewind
jarr – the one who collected animal bones (sound in silence)
robert takahashi crouch – christina giannone ritual remix (room40)
perverts in white shirts – pangolin (misanthropic agenda)
kranemann + pharmakustik – electric fluxus b (verlag systen)
merzbow & arcane device – arcane device mixes merzbow (important)
arthur king – caminando (akp)

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