this is not a disco 300722 (long form edition)

alister fawnwoda , suzanne ciani , greg leisz – leopard complex (akp recordings)
rafael anton irisarri – cloak 1.1 (room40)
palm skin productions – the sword will die (tru thoughts)
liang yiyuan – hallucinogen of imagined bodhi (unexplained sounds group)
deepchild – fathersong (first/second/third transfiguration) (mille plateaux)
arthur king – la farola (akp)
zimoun – guitar studies iii (excerpt) (room40)
yui onodera – too ne ii (room40)
caterina barbieri – knot of spirit (synth version) (light years) rewind
moebius – the tracker (bureau b)
ben bondy – everything i can’t be (quiet time tapes)

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