this is not a disco 130822

actress & mount kimbie – azd surf (ninja tune)
erik buschmann – dad i’m home (reflektor)
spencer cullum – an ode to dungeness (tompkins square)
tenka – nutrition (métron records)
airport people – from morning no. 2 (whited sepulchre)
david versace – the more we love (la sape)
kansas smitty’s – sunday davidson (ever records)
ozan tekin – knots (ballad of august)
james varghese – fairfield rd (quiet love)
yann tiersen – kerlann (laurel halo remix) (mute)
pierce warnecke – untitled i (room40)
brady cohan – variation 2 (phantom limb)
brady cohan – theme (phantom limb)
dominique cyprès – alienation (submarine broadcasting company)
matthew j. rolin – shingles (american dreams) rewind
ian william craig – sentimental drift (130721)
lisa gerrard and marcello de francisci – when the light of morning comes (atlantic curve)
aaron martin – a signal and an oath (lost tribe)
magnus granberg & tya ensemble – night will fade and fall apart (for guitar) (thanatosis)
jennifer vanilla – jenny’s ladder (sindedrlyn)
jennifer vanilla – jennifer calling (sindedrlyn)
littlecigarette – fur coat (radio slave pressure dub remix) (fallen tree 1hundred)
a mountain of one – star (glok starlight dub) (amore)
nyati mayi & the astral synth transmitters – try sunshine (bongo joe)
dominique cyprès – the new cannot be born (submarine broadcasting company)
tombstone – ritual affliction (eighth tower records)
tombstone – illusions (eighth tower records)
friendship – love’s (merge)


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